Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Despite being a beauty blogger (and therefore owning the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette 1&2!) I feel as though I'm lacking in the neutral shadow department. I have quite a few bright shades floating around in my collection, but I only have two or three that I feel I can whip onto my eyes and run out the door in. I've been dabbling in indie cosmetics, but I've really been yearning for something in a solid compact that I can throw in my bag to take anywhere. And look who came along...

NVEY ECO shade 168 looks quite unassuming in the pan, but comes to life on the lid with champagne glints throughout the light brown base.

These shadows have a quite a soft and somewhat crumbly texture, so a light hand is all you need to get enough product. It's quite pigmented but not as much as Inglot, so would be great for the cosmetic obsessed or those just beginning their collection.

I have been using my NVEY ECO shadows for a while now, and was excited to find out that they were at the recent Golden Globes and jazzed up some gorgeous celebrities!

Though I don't watch Jennifer Love Hewitt's television show, I've seen a few things she has done and find her incredibly beautiful. If NVEY ECO is good enough for her pretty mug, it's definitely good enough for mine!
NVEY ECO shadows are available here for $29.95 AUD.

Have you tried anything from NVEY ECO?
What are your favourite neutral shadows?

*This product was provided for consideration for review which in no way affects my review or opinion of the product. For more, see my disclosure policy here.


  1. As always your exposure of indie products is delightful! Love your posts and learning about new products...

    1. Thanks so much for your comment:) I love reading posts about products I've never heard of,too. I'm glad you feel the same!

  2. I love that eye shadow :)
    Its funny cause a few years ago I despised neutral eye shadows. I never wore them and I never bought them. Then all of a sudden I fell in love with them and now I wear more neutrals than colors :)
    Ive never heard of this brand but it sure looks great :)
    I used to watch Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt and she is such a beautiful woman :)
    My favorite neutral shadows... well ofcourse I have to mention the two Naked palettes cause they are amazing.. I have a few other ones too that I love a lot.. one of them is a tri by Covergirl named Shimmering Sand, I got it as a gift a while ago. Another huge favorite, that Ive just recently bought, is a Microshadow by Make Up Store called Monty :)
    You gave me an idea now for a blog post :)

  3. Love their stuff! I've tried them and still using them. :)


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