Monday, February 27, 2012

the seven deadly beauty sins

Saw this 'seven deadly beauty sins' tag over here and thought it looked like fun!

Most Inexpensive and Expensive Product?
My most inexpensive would have to be the lipgloss I managed to nab for the pricely sum of ONE CENT! That was a very happy day indeed, and I posted about it here. My most expensive would be my Urban Decay Naked palette which my sister bought me from evilbay, and my Nars Danmari palette which was around $120 AUD from Mecca Cosmetica.
the magical fantastical Danmari lies within!
What Products Do You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With?
A weird one, but I'd have to say moisturisers! I can never seem to find one that hydates my face enough without sending it into oily town, and it frustrates me. Other that that, I'd have to say bronzer. I love the look of contoured, sculptured cheeks (the dream of all those with chipmunk cheeks I suppose) but the horrible skin on my cheek combined with being so fair makes making bronzer work a nightmare!
aw chipmunk! (image source here)
What Has Been Hardest To Find?
My struggle to get my hands on the Urban Decay Naked palette is the first thing that comes to mind. In a way it drives me insane to see it so regularly available now, but around Christmas 2010 it was hell! I waited so long for it to come into stock on Beauty Bay, and happily ordered it for my sister to give to me as a gift. An hour later, heart sinks as they email me to say that it is out of stock. Not cool, I had already received my confirmation and everything! As I said up above I ended up buying it from evilbay (my sister rocks!) so alls well that ends well.

What Are Your Most Delicious Beauty Products?
My Korres Jasmine lip butter is so ridiculously delicious smelling it drives me mad. I also love all of my MAC lippies that little bit more for their lovely vanilla scent. An honorable mention goes to my Soap and Glory Hand Food cream, which smells like My Cherie Dior <3 Swoon!
review of this is here

What Beauty Product Do You Neglect Due To Laziness?
I'm pretty good with things like scrubs and masks, and though I have the odd slip up I generally always take my makeup off before bed. I neglect concealer, which is pretty silly because I have terrible skin that needs spot coverage, but I can never be bothered. I find all the ones I've tried to be really drying and makes them look worse, which is probably a factor in my laziness.
this pic came from this post
What Beauty Product Gives You Most Confidence?
I had to think about this one. I hardly go without mascara, but if I had to choose one thing to make me feel my best it'd have to be my foundation/tinted moisturiser. It evens everything out and makes me look alive, and I love it. Blush comes close though, but never looks as good on a baseless face in my opinion.

What Attributes Do You Find Most Attractive In The Opposite Sex?
I like them to be tanky/stocky! Obviously personality is numero uno, but lust isn't about love it's about general physicalities. I don't think I've ever found myself attracted to a slim/thin guy, and I'm glad Chris isn't runty even though I'd love him regardless. He once asked me if I'd still love him if he lost his weight and muscle! I said yes of course, then handed him a slice of pizza ;)

What Item Would You Most Like To Receive As A Gift?
A big house with a room for all of my cosmetics and books would be ideal! Right now I am gunning for a new blush for my valentine gift- duty free here I come!


  1. i love your answer + photo to Lust ;)

    1. Amanda I thought twice about posting that part, but figured it's the truth so why not! x

  2. I love this! I've got some pale chipmunk going on as well - and bronzer is another level of difficult compared to blush, which I've only just started to master!
    Have you tried jojoba oil to moisturise?
    Sabine xx

    1. Sabine, all hail the pale chipmunk!! Bronzer is my next thing to master;P I have tried Jojoba and don't mind it! Smells a lot nicer than Rosehip lol. xx

  3. You and your boyfriend look so adorable in that picture! I can't believe the Danmari palette is $120 here, that's quite shocking. :/ OH, and I agree about oily moisturisers (I have the same deal with sunscreen) - I've stuck by my Clean and Clear one, doesn't make me feel any more oily!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Yeah it is a very high priced item, lucky I do love my blush;P It's the best when you find a product that stops the oil, well done!

  4. Replies
    1. When I first heard the term I laughed so hard! Isn't it gold!?

  5. Haha Ive been planning to do this tag a long time :D It was nice reading yours :) I hope you are doing great sweetie :)

    1. You definitely have to do this tag shortylegs! And thank you for tagging me :D

  6. Yes another comment.. sorry :)
    ... I just wanted to tell you that Ive tagged you :) You don´t have to do the tag but just wanted to let you know that Ive tagged you :)

  7. Awww what a cute tag, especially the picture with your bf (:

    1. Gaby this tag was heaps of fun, and I think that picture of Chris and I is pretty funny ;P Thanks for coming by and commenting :D

  8. what a great post I might have to do this one xx


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