Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thailand Empties!

I thought I would share with you the products I finished up while overseas- I am most proud of the Clinique, I do hope it impresses you!
I forgot to include the Clinique product in the round up, sorry guys!
The wipes in the background are my HG wipes, and I used these to refresh my face after a swim and before bed if I was too lazy to wash my makeup/sunscreen off. The Lush bag held a Satsuma Santa bath ballistic that I had taken along with me. I haven't had much experience with Lush bath products, and though this was okay I don't think it is a must have from them. It's limited edition from their Christmas launches and turns the bath water bright red- a little frightening to be honest! But an overall nice citrusy smell.
The Dove deodorant made me feel comfortable, even in the Thai heat, but I reapplied after each swim so didn't get a clear indication of its strength and wear time. It was nice but not sure if it was outstanding, I may repurchase in the future but I have deodorants I prefer so we'll see. The Aveeno body wash was a sample I wanted to use up, don't like unscented bath products so won't repurchase.

The Clinique Deep Comfort body lotion is the empty I am most proud of! It came from a GWP that Clinique ran a while ago, and the reason I am proud is because I am not one to use up whole lotions, even sample sized ones! I chop and change frequently and to be honest I don't moisturise enough, so to see this go was a win for me! It was full when we arrived in Thailand, and empty after a week and a half. Let me tell you, my skin was baby soft! The scent of this is strange but I like it, so I may repurchase after I finish the zillion lotions in my collection.

Do you use up many products while on holiday?
Have you used up many lotions in your day?
What are your HG body lotions?


  1. Great job with the empties! I know what you mean about a backlog of body lotions - I have the same thing going with hand creams :D

    1. Thanks Vita :) I have quite the hand cream collection as well, really need to start using them all up!


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