Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Inglot Inventory: Peachy Keen

Forgive the cheeky university bathroom shots, it was the only opportunity I had to take pictures of this look after I forgot during the car ride in. I wear this dress quite often (see post here) and love drawing out the rich orange tones to use in my makeup.

 The BareMinerals concealer was used today, and you will notice on one of the blemishes on my forehead my skin looks darker, and frankly horrible. It's quite obviously not the concealer for me, but this is all a learning process :)

BareMinerals Foundation in Fairly Light*
BareMinerals Warmth (as bronzer)*
BareMinerals Concealer*
BareMinerals Mineral Veil*
NYX Peach blush
Face of Australia Powder in Outback Translucent*

MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Inglot Bright orange (from this palette)
Inglot AMC Shine 08 (champagne from this palette)
Mirenesse Tightliner in Black*
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes
BYS Brow Pencil in Brown*

Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss in Coral Reef

I snapped these so quickly as people were coming in and out, and I didn't think about reapplying my Revlon Coral Reef so you might notice that it has rubbed off quite a bit in these pictures. It's much more vibrant before you stuff your face with a toasted cheese sandwich and flat white from your favourite cafe!

What is your favourite orange cosmetic products?
Have you tried Coral Reef? It is a stunner!

Products marked * were provided for consideration but this does not affect my thoughts of them nor my choice to use them in my looks.


  1. SOSOSOSOSOSO pretty! Amazing look, hun. You look gorge as usual. xx

    1. Thanks Angela :) I am in love with peach and orange, obsessed.

  2. oooooh you look gorgeous!! I very much adore your dress as well :D

    1. Oh thanks Tegan :) It's one of my favourite dresses, definitely a good fallback dress.

  3. Love this colour on you :) I spied the Uni bathrooms before I read your comment on missing the usual car shot. lol did anyone catch you or was it too early for many people to be around?


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