Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Empties, January-March

I've had these piling up since the start of the year, and neglected to post them monthly like I usually do. Here are my empties from the beginning of year 'til now!
A stack of hair stuff, not all of it is completely empty but I'm sick of using hair products that don't help my dandruff just to use them up.

Garnier Fructis Sensitive Scalp shampoo- This is the first shampoo I've found that actually keeps my dandruff at bay! Will post a full review eventually, suffice to say I have already repurchased.
Terax Crema- the best conditioner I have ever tried, review here.
Cedel Anti-Dandruff shampoo- didn't finish this,it was quite a while ago that I used it so I can't remember much about it.
Sunsilk Scalp-Care anti-dandruff shampoo-Same as above, can't remember this doing much at all and so it was never finished.
QV Gentle Shampoo- not gentle, this made my head itch and flake like mad. Used this as shaving lotion to finish it up, and it wasn't good at that either.
Garnier Fructis Citrus Detox shampoo- this was decent, but I prefer the blue bottle so I won't repurchase this kind.
Cedel Dry Shampoo- I really like this, it's a little more expensive than the one I've been using but I think the bottle is nice and stands out on my cabinet. I will repurchase eventually.
Rexona Girl Dance deodorant-This scent wasn't my cup of tea, I prefer the Tropical version of this in the white and pink can.

Face of Australia Gentle Makeup Remover-this is a great affordable makeup remover, I was originally sent this but this is the one I repurchased. I will buy this again, my original review is here.
A whole bunch of empty face wipe packets as well as a Priceline lip wipes one, and some cotton round packaging.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Moisturiser- This was a nice moisturiser but I seemed to use it up too fast, so the price tag is a bit annoying. I will probably repurchase but not for a while.
Johnsons Holiday Skin Body Lotion-I remember this being a really nice gradual tanner, but it's so old that it probably doesn't work anymore so out it goes!

RoC Complete Lift Moisturiser- was so hard to squeeze anything out of these wincey sample tubes. I remember this being a nice consistency and creamy but nothing outstanding. I think the packaging just irritated me too much. These came in a beauty box, I believe.

Nougat London Fig and Pink Cedar hand cream*- This sample size was lovely, the scent is very strong but because I was fond of it I really didn't mind. I got this in a Primped sample bag ages ago, it's a very lovely introduction to the cute Nougat London range.

Hissyfit Handywork SPF30 hand cream*- this sample was from the same Primped bag, and hi 5 to Hissyfit for making a hand cream with such high SPF! Lovely and sinks in fast, will repurchase (eventually, I have a lot of hand creams to use up!)

Sasy N Savy Rose and Lavender Hand Cream- loved the scent, but while I appreciate that the company are trying to stand out with their name, they're standing out for all the wrong reasons.

Original Source Shea Butter and Honey Shower Cream- Chris and I adore these, they smell amazing and are such great quality. We grab a whole box full when they go on sale at the supermarket or chemist (they're on sale at Chemist Warehouse right now...) Love, will continue to repurchase and will review soon.

1SkinSolutions Lime Thyme shower gel*- will be reviewing this soon, I really enjoyed the scent.
Imperial Leather Foamburst shower gel in Coconut and Tiare Flower- I found this to be really moisturising, and lasted quite a long time. I think the scent is nice, but for some reason I didn't love it like I knew I should. I may try this again as it lathers wonderfully, but will probably choose a different scent.
Trishave Shave Creme*- the tea tree in this made me feel great, as I knew if I were to nick myself it's sanitary. I liked that this was non-foaming and that they made note of it on the packaging, it covered the legs really well and was nice to use. Non-drying and affordable, win. Smell is very strong though, just something to keep in mind.

Items marked * were either free samples or were provided for consideration for review. This doesn't affect my opinion of the products. Honesty, always.


  1. Whoa, that's a lot of different shampoos you've worked your way through! Have you tried Neutrogena T-gel shampoo and conditioner? My hubs uses this range. The bad news is the shampoo stinks - but it does work!

    1. They aren't all empty but yes, I was sick of seeing them half full in the shower so am glad to toss them! I've tried the T-Gel but it didn't work for me sadly.

  2. I'm a blogger too so I've been trying to save up a few of my empty bottles/packaging to do an empties post too. Gosh, it must be a HUGE relief to be able to throw out all of this now! I'm already annoyed by the empty clutter in my bedroom, and I haven't even accumulated all that much, lol! I've been looking for a non-irritable makeup remover and that FOA one looks like it would do the job. It seems like it's so much harder to finish off make-up than haircare/skincare products. xx

    1. It's a great relief, I have a bag in the bathroom that I toss used products into. The shampoo bottles were mainly in the shower, so glad to have space in there now! The FOA remover is really great, you should give it a go! I have just hit pan on quite a few of my makeup products lately, it's a great feeling!

  3. Nice work! But it reminds me how I have a building pile of empty shampoo bottles to blog about. Sigh. The whole point of these posts - for me - is to finish makeup but it always seems to be moisturisers and essentials.

    1. Blog about them, I'd love to hear your thoughts! I have been finishing up some makeup lately, feels so good.

  4. Seriously impressive empties! It also helps when the other half uses stuff as well. What Face of Australia products would you recommend?


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