Thursday, April 12, 2012

MAC Painterly Paint Pot

As much as I adore new cosmetic releases and squeal over a bright shadow or new gloss, the staples in my collection are the glue that holds it all together. Without my MAC Painterly, my eyeshadows would all be worthless, as crease-city is not a destination I am fond of. This is, to date, the best product I have found to prime my lids with before eyeshadow.
Painterly is part of the permanent line of MAC products, and in my experience is more effective at gripping onto shadows than products like Urban Decay Primer Potion or drugstore eye primers. It makes the colours of my shadows appear more vibrant and it's really easy to blend over, which is really important when considering an eyeshadow primer.
Paint Pots come in 5g glass jars which feel nice and heavy in the hand, with a sturdy black plastic lid. Each morning I pop on my facial moisturiser then swipe a small amount of Painterly onto each eyelid. I then flick through my collection to decide on what look I'm going to create that day. By that time Painterly has had time to settle, and I go about applying my eyeshadows. I find that if I apply this at 6.45am, by the time 6.45pm rolls around my eyes are still looking good. I don't experience any fading or smudging, and I am happily crease-free unless I take a nap during the day. Even then, I'm usually okay. Sigh, the life of a uni student!
I have been using this pot for over a year now and as you can see I have plenty left. I use this at least once each day, and as I wear eyeshadow almost every day I would say this is great value! I must mention that I prefer the creamier Paint Pots over their glittery counterparts (like Genuine Treasure from the Posh Paradise collection) as I find these a million times easier to spread and work with in general.
Painterly doesn't contain glitter or shimmer so can be used with muted daytime looks or under a smokey eye for night. It's a beige colour that is a touch darker than my uber-pale skin tone, and this works perfectly for me.

As you can see, it's a really natural looking product. I found myself without this for 4 days last week and I couldn't bear using my eyeshadows without it, so just wore liquid liner. I don't like having bare lids with my liquid liner, however, as I like to use Painterly and a neutral shade to mask the discoloration on my lids even if the shadow is not the focus. This is why I think Painterly would make a great staple in anyones collection, if if you don't wear full on eyeshadow all the time.

On the MAC website Paint Pots are described as 'eye colours' but they really are so much more than that. They come in range of neutral shades (check them out here) so if you have a darker skin tone or want a darker base, you should be able to find one. I have my eye on Rubenesque next, but am trying to fill up my MAC palette so we will see.

Paint Pots retail for $35AUD or $17.50 USD.
Yes, the difference is ridiculous but there you go. Lucky the Paint Pots are worth the $35!

What eyeshadow primer do you swear by?
What is your favourite Paint Pot shade?

*This product was purchased with my own moolah, I have received no compensation for this review. Honesty, always.


  1. You've totally sold me! haha

    I've never tried a Paint Pot so will have to try one out once I finish my TFSI.

  2. Ooh I think I might need this! UD Primer did nothing for me, even though my lids aren't very oily anyway.

  3. I haven't used any Paint Pots so far but the Shopping Intervention recently posted about how good this one was on oily lids, so I might just have to give it a try.

    I hardly wear eyeshadow, but I think half of it is because I don't have a really good primer - so it's a toss between this and UD Primer Potion for me! xx

  4. Wow, I can't believe the price difference between the US and Australia! Painterly really such a basic and well loved paint pot--- I've never tried MAC paint pots, but this would probably be my first choice (and maybe groundwork too)

  5. wow! if that has survived over 1 year with everyday use, its so worth it!
    I should probably get this instead of Urban Decay primer which is hard to find and expensive!

  6. I've heard nothing but good things about these. I'll have to check 'em out next time I stop by a MAC counter.

  7. i use Nubile as my base but paint pots always crease on me so i still have to use a primer underneath it. Still i do love them:)

  8. Since I don´t have a MAC store near me (the nearest one if about 8 hours away.. back and forth) I have never tried any of the paint pots. I only have 3 shadows by MAC :)
    I have heard a lot of good things about the Paint Pots and I have been thinking about buying Painterly next time I visit the MAC store (sometime this coming summer) :)
    I use a primer by Lumene called Beauty Base Eyeshadow Primer and it has brightening arctic lingonberry in it :)
    I love it cause it really makes my eyeshadow stay on all day :)

    1. Can you order online for MAC? I only have a few MAC shadows, slowly growing my collection I have bought a few from blog sales which helped. Painterly is a beauty in disguise! Arctic Lingonberry sounds like a very interesting ingredient :) xx


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