Monday, May 28, 2012

Brow Bargain!

I only began really paying attention to my eyebrows last year, and so was inexperienced in the art of filling them in and taking proper care of them. Since then I have tried brow pencils, brow powder sets and brown eyeshadows in an attempt to create a defined brow. I was unhappy with the colour choices around me, as the red-toned browns in brow palettes don't suit my colouring. Along came this brow bargain from BYS, and here I sit a happy blogger!
This product is marketed as a multi-use product for both brows and eyes, but at this point in time I've been using it soley for my brows. The packaging is similar to Nars packaging which is a tremendous plus for BYS, and it feels much sturdier than some other packaging from the brand (lipsticks, I am looking at you!) I can have this thick matte black stick rolling around in my bag all day without worrying about the casing cracking or coming loose.
The colour of this brown shade is a dark neutral brown, and the other colours available are blonde and black. This suits my colouring quite well, and despite recently dying my hair it still looks fine on me.
This is more like a slant tip crayon than a traditional pencil, and I find that this is what makes it easier to smudge once on the brow, which then creates a more natural look overall. I like to 'tap' the pencil onto my brows and smudge it in, before following up with some clear brow gel. I'm thinking about getting a tinted brow gel since my clear is about to run out- does anyone have any recommendations? What do you use on your brows?
I like that this has a slim edge and a thick one, it means that I can be precise when doing my brows in the morning or do a rush job and it will still turn out nicely. It doesn't need sharpening, you just twist it up as you go.
One swipe swatch.
In this image I've filled in one brow with the BYS brow pencil, and haven't touched the other. Can you tell which is which? ;P

This BYS brow bargain has become my go-to each morning, and I've left the rest of my brow products to the side and am using this exclusively. If this pencil wasn't sent to me, I doubt I would have picked it up as I would have never thought of finding a gem in a drugstore brand. I like being proven wrong with things like this :)

BYS has been surprising me quite a bit with their product quality, so I'd highly recommend you check them out next time you pass a BYS stand!

BYS is available in Kmart, discount stores and online at Fashion Addict and this Brow & Eye Pencil retails for a tiny $5.95 AUD.

This product was provided for consideration, which in no way affects my opinion on the product. Honesty, always.


  1. I have this same one and I use it daily. It's so amazing and I love that it's nice and thin so you can make sure you can get to all the areas you need. And it's sooo affordable.



    1. @votrebelle It's such an easy product to use, I love it. Love that I can use it all up and not stress about the price of repurchasing;P

  2. This looks great! It doesn't look too waxy; I recently tried a brow pencil from Models Prefer and it was just rubbish. I prefer the colour to be deposited onto my skin, but that pencil just gooped up my brow hairs with product. *shudders*

    1. @jerry I'm the exact same, waxy ones drive me nuts. This looks and feels really nice, a definite winner

  3. I need this! I'm using my Kate Kanebo pencil from Japan and it's amazing! I was worried how I'll get another this is the substitute!

    1. @Yolly Oh I saw the Kate Kanebo brand when I was in Thailand but didn't get anything, should I have? I'd love to hear how you go with this one!


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