Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lime Thyme!

There is nothing better than hopping in a shower after a long, tedious day and being greeted by a bevy of bathtime beauties. The beautiful Australian bath and body care company 1 Skin Solution were kind enough to gift me some of their staple line, and this is the first product in the bunch to be reviewed. Introducing, the Lime Thyme Body Wash.
I generally use shower gels when in the shower, and so the idea that this is a body 'wash' didn't occur to me until I had tipped the bottle over onto my shower puff. A lot more than I intended gushed out, and I panicked thinking that I had used up the whole travel sized bottle! Fear not, I had overused it but I still had plenty left to go. The wide opening of the bottle is a factor in the overpouring issue, and is a negative aspect of this product in my opinion.
The bottle, I will admit, irks me. I love the dark design that contrasts with the pale wrap around labelling, but the lid isn't something I find appealing. The gold makes the product less luxe looking, and it is also hard to screw back on (especially with slippery hands in the shower) I would much prefer a light lid to match the wrap around or even plain black would be quite nice. A flip top would also be easier to use in the shower.

Luckily, the scent of this makes up for these drawbacks. The lime shower gels that I am used to remind me of lime ice lollies and lime soft drink, fizzing and tart with a lovely edge. This is a different sort of lime altogether, and the mix of thyme into it is such a luxurious touch. I have quite a few herb-based shower gels in rotation at the moment, and this is one of the stand outs for being mixed in with a fruit that it a love of mine. The scent is relaxing and seems luxurious, and while the lather isn't overly creamy, I feel cleansed after using this and find it an effective body wash.

-Australian based company
-lovely, surprising scent
-no animal testing
-available in a travel set

-lid of packaging isn't cute
-opening too wide, easy to waste
-higher price than other brands

The 1SkinSolution range can be found at their site here.
Lime Thyme Body Wash retails for $27.50 for 500ml and can be purchased here.
 They also have a great promotion on at the moment, if you purchase their 3 piece body pack, (which includes Lime Thyme!) you get a free vanilla lip balm and free shipping! Check it out here!

What are your thoughts on herb scents in body care?
Do you try to support local businesses as well?

*This product was provided for consideration, which does not change my opinion on the product. Honesty, always.


  1. Thank you Emma - so glad you enjoyed the product!! xoxo

    1. @Raylene thank you for introducing me to it! xx

  2. I loved the smell of that body wash when I snuck a bit last time I stayed over. I agree that it did smell divine and the scent was a bit different in a good way and I agree with the lid thing too. Needs one of those little pop out tops :p

    1. @Candi It's so unlike anything else I'd smelt which I think is awesome. Something new on the market!

  3. The 500ml bottle is a pop top! :) they didnt have a pop top option for the little bottles :(

    1. @raylene thank you for letting us know:) I imagine it's hard to find the right travel bottles, so it's nice to know the large ones are different. x


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