Friday, May 11, 2012

jane iredale, an introduction

This Mothers Day, jane iredale has created a beautiful cosmetic set which is a gift with certain purchases. When I received this in the mail, I assumed that this was not the GWP but was a large kit the company provided, and so when I realised that this was indeed a GWP I was very impressed!

Two full size products and two generous samples make up this set, which basically provides you with a whole look!

24 Karat Gold Dust in Champagne appears coral in the tub, but once swatched transforms into a coral-toned champagne beauty! I've been using this along my cheekbones as a highlight, and am planning on trying it out as a brow highlight soon,too. You can lightly dust this over your whole face as well, it is nice to have so many options within the one product.

The large tub has a screw on  lid with a clear top and gold rim, and the usual powder sifter within.

Swatch of 24 Karat Gold Dust in Champagne

Isn't it just beautiful? I was very impressed with this, when I first saw it I was unsure how I was supposed to use it as I thought it was quite dark, but the swatch made me realise its true beauty.

I will be honest and say that I am yet to try this Longest Lash mascara out as I dislike having too many mascaras open at once lest I waste them, but I've heard good things about this one so I am positive. It comes in a squeezy tube with a nice sized want inside, which is a great concept and stands out from regular mascara tubes. It promises both thickened lashes and length, which is what I like in mascara!

The Tokyo Just Kissed lip plumper is the cutest little sheer rose lipstick that is the perfect size for throwing into your handbag, and you're able to apply it on the go without needing a mirror. The texture is not sticky in the slightest and tingles when it is on the lips. Despite adoring the cute packaging and dinky size, I know that I hardly ever reach for sheer lipsticks any more, so I will probably be gifting this to my Mum to use and enjoy.

Swatch of Tokyo and Champagne.

The Onyx Mystikol is a really amazing product, and one I haven't seen done before in this format. One end houses a powdered black eyeliner, and the other contains a pearlescent highlighter.

The Onyx Mystikol reminds me of something inspired by Cleopatra, and I think that the classic style is something that would really resonate with my Mum. Mum thought that this was a crazy concept, and she loved it!

You can see the bullet that holds the powdered liner here.

To use the Onyx Mystikol you unscrew the pigment pot from the end, which is spring loaded. You then dip the firm sponge tip into the liner and start applying. It is probably not the cleanest product to use, but for personal use it doesn't worry me. The formula was created to be long-lasting and crease proof (as all eye products should be!)

The other end houses this beautiful shimmering white highlighter, which is more pigmented than I imagined it would be.

Swatch of Mystikol liner, highlighter, Tokyo and Champagne

Same swatches, with highlighter blended out a little

This set is valued at $81 AUD but is free when you spend a certain amount at participating salons. For salon and stockist information, call 1300 SKINCARE or head to Mothers Day is Sunday the 13th, and there may be a salon carrying jane iredale right near you so be sure to check to check it out!
You can see some of these products in action here on my darling Mother's gorgeous face!

These are the very first jane iredale products I have tried, which is crazy as I had always admired the range when I've seen it in salons and reviewed on blogs. I'm looking forward to learning more about the brand and will definitely keep you updated on any purchases I make! I think this set is a wonderful introduction to the brand, and whether you buy something for Mum and keep this yourself or do it the other way around, you should all be happy campers!

(These products were provided for consideration for review, which in no way affects my opinion of them. Honesty, always.)


  1. I certainly agree with you there! The GWP looks very much like a wonderful beauty kit containing all the essentials you need to look glamourous! The Mystikol pencils are truly amazing - they are incredibly pigmented!

  2. That looks fantastic! I haven't used JI products before, but they look great!

  3. I've never used Jane Iredale before. Time to look out for them next time I go shopping!

  4. What a gorgeous GWP! :) Beautifully packaged, and lovely products.

  5. very cute pack - great colours for mum!! perfect for mother's day!


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