Thursday, May 10, 2012

MAC Asian Flower- Swatches, Photos, Review, FOTD

When my sights are set on acquiring something, I become obsessive about it. I saw Asian Flower on Nancy here and could not stop thinking about from that moment on. Each time I was at a MAC counter I would enquire about the shade and its release date, but the SA's never knew what I was talking about ><  Then I stumbled across it on counter, and never looked back!

The new Sheen Supreme formula from MAC is housed in a tube unlike the other lipstick offerings from MAC. This Sleek tube is cold to the touch and looks great in my lipstick holder. A word of warning though, this is a tube you really have to pull on to be able to open, you have to be careful not to hurt your lipstick or have it go flying out of your hands.

The Sheen Supreme formula is very moisturising, and because of that I don't find that it lasts for a long time on my lips. It lasts for a reasonable amount of time, though, so I'm still a happy camper.

A creamy lavender shade, I thought Asian Flower might not work with my pale skin tone, but I find it flattering most of the time. Sometimes I find myself falling in love with a product despite it not 'suiting' me- it's just like falling in love, sometimes it just clicks, ya know?

Asian Flower has enough of a pink edge to make it something I reach for quite often.


Would you wear this sort of shade? What are your thoughts on lilac lipsticks? How have your dealings with the MAC SA's been in the past?


  1. MAC SAs are the reason I shop at Illamasqua... Not always and not everywhere but more often than not, I find myself looking around for some help as they assume I'm not buying (but I have $200 to burn). Whereas the Illamasqua girls at EVERY counter I've ever dealt with have greeted me like an old friend.

    BTW, I think you more than pull off this shade, and it is super pretty, I can see why you got obsessed.

  2. This shade is fabulous on you! Definitely an excellent choice.

  3. Asian Flower is just lovely - reminds me a little of another MAC lippie in my collection called Up the Amp. BTW my son says you have cute cheeks! Chris doesn't need to worry cos at 10 my boy's a little young to be serious competition.

  4. Such a lovely lipstick :) it looks amazing on you :)

    I have only been to MAC ones since we don´t have it in my city. The first time I went to MAC was when me and my parents went to Stockholm about 3 years ago.. or maybe 2 years ago. Anyway, the ladies at the store were SOOO friendly. I was having a hard time finding stuff. It was my first time and it was a bit overwhelming. I had a list of things that I wanted but the things were sold out. The ladies called every store in Stockholm that sell MAC and were so incredibly nice. I did not buy anything but I will always remember how nice they were :)

    Second time I went to a MAC counter was in Åbo (Turku). The ladies there were not helpful at all and I had to basically take care of myself. I had a few questions and the ladies answered me with no enthusiasm what so ever... ugh


  5. I love love love purple lipsticks! I would love this colour!


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