Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nice is Nice

I was lucky enough to receive a mini bottle of Essie's Nice is Nice polish from my US Makeup Swap (post here). I hadn't tried Essie before that, though I did have some other minis in my collection.
A gorgeous pale lavender shade, this applied with ease and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the formula of the Essie shades I've tried so far!
I chose to top my accent nail with The Face Shop in PK107 which is a pink tinted jelly base with round glitter, small bar glitter and a few stars for good measure. I didn't realise that the base was so tinted and it really changed the tone of the lilac underneath, which made me regret doing it!
Candice chose Nice is Nice as well, we were house sitting and watching Interview with a Vampire and eating Crust Pizza. Lilac was indeed the colour of the night indeed! The photo above was taken when we had parked the car, she wasn't driving don't worry! She got engaged a few days after Chris proposed,  hence us showing off our rings in that photo.
Candice chose to coat her accent nail with essence Space Queen which is fine glitter in a clear base, I prefer the look of it to my own accent nail as it kept the lilac underneath intact.

Which accent nail do you prefer?
What other Essie shades do you recommend?



  1. kyaa! such a cute pink color :D

  2. This colour is gorgeous. It really suits your skin tone too.


    1. @CrosswireDreamers Isn't it lovely!? Thanks for the compliment, I found it flattering on myself as well.


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