Friday, July 27, 2012

Anniversary Haul // Burberry, Illamasqua + Bioderma

Chris and I celebrated our anniversary almost a month ago, but I still thought you'd like to have a gander at what I bought during our weekend stay in Melbourne CBD.
Picked up a bottle of Bioderma Crealine H20 as I had finished my bottle and missed it terribly. One of my very favourite beauty finds, I've reviewed it here if you want to see my thoughts on it.

I stopped by the Illamasqua counter in Myer on Bourke St and fell in love with the new Naked Strangers collection. They really have the best imagery, the brand can do no wrong in my eyes. I've reviewed this Naked Rose blush here.

After watching Zoe Foster knock out a smokey eye in two minutes over here, I knew I needed to pick up the MAC paint pot she used. Constructivist is nice and easy to work with and blend, nice chocolately colours like this always remind me of Zoe!

More lipsticks is not what I need, but I can never stop myself with Face of Australia as they are so damn cheap. Trying to branch out with red lip shades to see what I suit best, and this ruby and orange toned shade seemed nice. Have a post on these coming up!

Chris usually buys me jewellery for anniversarys, but this year I hadn't stumbled upon anything I liked enough to choose so we avoided the shiny stuff this year. I think having my engagement ringAs we passed by Burberry the MUA asked if I'd like a free makeover, and Chris urged me to try the things I'd had on my Burberry wishlist!

Pale Barley eyeshadow was numero uno on my Burberry wants list, and I am so happy to finally own it! I have a Burberry specific post coming up soon with swatches and photos! The MUA used the Golden Brown eyeliner on me and I loved the way the colour defined my eyes and went with Pale Barley. The Copper Lip Mist was a free GWP on the day, which was a big surprise for me! Free Burberry isn't something that occurs often. The MUA also threw in a ton of fragrance samples (mostly male scents for Chris, some of which I have stolen) and was generally amazing at her job.

The Burberry part of this doesn't really count as a 'haul' as it was Chris' anniversary gift to me, but still thought I'd show it! Here is one of the photos from our weekend together.

I had such a great weekend away, Chris has had some health problems lately and we have been pretty stressed out so this getaway was needed! I am yet to get the engagement party photos from the photographer, but when I do would any of you be interested in seeing some of them in a post?

I picked up a few other items over the weekend but this was the main beauty stuff.
What do you think of my haul?!


  1. You and Chris are a beautiful couple! :) Definitely post the pictures of your engagement up if you feel comfortable. I'm on a spending ban right now... But wow, Burberry cosmetics looks so luxurious. :P xx

  2. Of course we would be interested in the engagement pics!!!

  3. congrats on your engagement!!! You guys look really cute together. I've always wanted to try Bioderma Crealine H20 but keep being lazy and havent had the time to search for it, heard so many good things about it.

  4. Congrats on your anniversary and engagement! Would love to see the pics, you guys are so cute!!

    I really want to get some of the darker brown mac paint pots they look super pretty and make it super easy to do a nice eye look.

  5. Sounds awesome! Great haul there.

  6. Please review Constructivist!! I saw Zoe use it and I was so curious! I'd love to see pictures of your engagement party!

    P.S. I love the Bioderma too!

  7. You guys are so adorable together :) Would love to see the pictures :)

    What a lovely haul btw :) Looking forward to the lipstick post :)


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