Monday, July 30, 2012

L'Oreal Blue Reef + Darling Harlequin

Like most beauty bloggers, I am a magpie when it comes to pretty and sparkly things. When L'Oreal gifted me some of their new Colour Riche nail shades, Blue Reef* really stood out to me.
A dark teal creme polish, this was very opaque after one coat but I applied another as I like to do two coats of all of my polishes. The wide brush with these mini polishes is brilliant, I find them easier to use than regular polish brushes.
Never one to leave a nice manicure alone, I brought out one of my favourite glitter topcoats, Darling's Harlequin*. It's a mixture of small and large silver hex in a clear base, and is great because it looks good on such a wide range of nail shades.
Absolutely love this combination, it lasted quite a while on my nails and is something I think I will wear quite regularly as well.
The whole Color Riche Le Vernis range really appeals to me, I'm yet to use up a whole bottle of regular polish so the smaller sized bottle suits my needs (having said that, I can see myself finishing this whole bottle up and will be buying a replacement when that happens.) I have my eye on a few other shades from the collection (there is a purple with gold shimmer that is calling my name!) so I will be showing more of these here soon.

L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis are 5ml and retail for $6.95 AUD and are available from Target, Priceline, Pharmacies and anywhere else you find L'Oreal.
Darling polishes retail for $18.95 and can be purchased here.

Are you addicted to accent nails as well?
What do you think of these colours?

*These polishes were provided for consideration but my opinions and love for them are honest. Honesty, always.



  1. What a gorgeous colour! I love the dash of sparkle too.

  2. Love the blue reef colour, it is amazing! Know you love big sparkles, and I am a little sparkles fan so this harlequin is perfect for both you and me!
    Love the price of the L'Oreal polish as I never use a big bottle either. Will be grabbing some of these for sure!! will have to check out their other colours :)

  3. I'm definitely addicted to accent manis and I love love this combo! Thanks for the Darling link. Might just go and tempt myself some more...

  4. I have that colour actually but haven't tried it just yet - will definitely have to now I see how gorgeous it is! :)

  5. I love the new L'oreals :D That mani looks great, I love the glitter accent nail :)

    You should grab Mysterious Icon if you can.. it's a beautiful latte colour with a gold shimmer. It is a stunner! The purple with gold shimmer is stunning, can't remember its name though.. maybe Divine Indigo?

  6. Lol I do that as well, layer glitter over a perfectly nice creme! The dark teal is a really unique colour, very nice for winter :)

  7. I own a bit too much of the Color Riche nail polishes and I LOVE THEM!!
    I love the brush and the pigmentation of the polishes :)
    They are absolutely amazing :)
    I own Blue Reef and its a color Ive been wearing a lot :)
    I love that glitter polish :)

  8. Never thought of adding some sparkly bits on top of that colour! I do love the colours they have though. My fave would have to be the nude shade, because I'm so lazy with touching up my nails so I can get away with wearing something that's barely there!!


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