Thursday, August 2, 2012

Empties for July

I thought I hadn't used up many products this month, but it turns out I did alright.
Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose
I love the blackcurrant edge that this has over the other Tresor varieties, it lasts quite well on me but until I finish up some of my other perfumes, I won't be purchasing this. A customer came into work wearing this last week and it smelt so good, which is why I pulled this out to finish it up.

Ardell Sculpting Brow Gel
This still has product left in it but it's so scungy now that it just had to go. It's affordable and easy to find, so I will repurchase after I finish the brow gel I am currently using.

DermaVeen Oatmeal shampoo
I was so excited to try out the sample of this shampoo (the matching conditioner will be in my next empties post) but sadly this did nothing for me but make my dandruff worse. My scalp is still itchy and distressed after using this, I've only found one anti-dandruff shampoo that works (Garnier) so I'm sticking with that one.
Australis 3 in 1 wipes
These are nice enough, I buy them when they are on sale and use them for swatching.

Dove Tinted Moisturiser
I love this TM, Chris' Mum gave it to me but it has started to smell and has gone off. I've repurchased a fresh one!

Ethnique nail polish
I have no idea how I came to own this, but it is pretty much solid now.

Crabtree & Evelyn Nantucket Briar shower gel
I love Crabtree, this was a bit too 'nanna' even for me, but I still liked it.

Impulse Paris body mist
I love this body mist, I use it as a room spray and occasionally as a body mist. It is very similar to Miss Dior Cherie, and I have already repurchased.

Kiehl's Coriander liquid body cleanser*
This was such a strangely enjoyable scent, it was herby but somewhat sweet, and unlike anything my nose has come across before. I don't like it enough to repurchase, though I did enjoy using it.

Face of Australia Gentle Make-up Remover
I remembered loving this more than I now do, I think since trying Bioderma all makeup removers will let me down in comparison. I would still repurchase, as it does a good job and is affordable.

Rexona Girl Free Spirit Deodorant
I usually buy the Tropical Energy version of this (my ultimate fave) but thought I'd see what this version was like. I liked the scent, but not as much as the Tropical Energy one. I would repurchase in the future, just to change it up a bit.

QV Gentle Conditioner*
This was woeful, I am sorry to say. Hardly moisturised my hair and the build up was atrocious. The matching shampoo was just as bad, so this is definitely not being repurchased.

Coles Make-up Removal Pads
Done the job, they fall apart easily but I'm not bothered by that as they are cheap as chips.

Have you tried any of these products?
How much did you use up in July?


  1. You finished up so many products! What a great month!

  2. I haven't heard anything about that Dove tinted moisturiser before even though I've seen it in stores. Now I'm intrigued! xx

  3. I haven't used up nearly as many in July ._. Maybe a handful of products? Haha. I think you did fabulously! I don't think I've used anything you have here. It's always interesting to see how our staples vary by country sometimes -especially everyday items like cleansers and soaps.

  4. That's always my issue with clear brow gel -- it looks so gross after a while I can't bring myself to use it up. Lately I've just been spraying a spoolie with l'oreal elnett and calling it a day. No more questionable-coloured goop for this lady!

  5. Major empties this month! I'm sure I've got an Ethnique nail polish somewhere - I need to see what condition that's in, haha :)

  6. lovely products!
    wanna try the Kiehl's one.

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  7. Argh, I loathe polishes that go gloopy and solid when there's still heaps left! I don't seem to finish products - I use the same liquid soap for shower / hand wash so I just refill my bottles, it takes me forever to finish shampoo + conditioner, same for body lotion... I love empties post probably because it makes me live vicariously! xx


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