Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Classique // a fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier released his first fragrance in 1993, originally self titled but later renamed Classique.
Since I am far from a perfume expert, I headed online to to look up the notes for Classique. They include orange blossom (love!), rose (could detect that), musk (yep), mandarin, aniseed, ylang ylang, ginger, vanilla, wood, orchid, bergamot, iris and carnation.
I stumbled upon a great review of this fragrance on 'Now Smell This', and found this quote from Gaultier himself:

One part dusty loose powder, like my grandmother wore — I think it was old Coty; one part that smell you get when you are sitting in the front row of the theater — for me, I think of going to The Chatelet when I was 12, and the curtain goes up, and the hot lights are on the costumes, wigs and sets, and you breathe it all in. And, just to be modern, one part nail polish remover!

But listen, this is not a joke. I set out to create something you really want to wear. Smells are important because they remind you of certain people. If you smell this and you think of me, I want it to be good! And there are flowers, vanilla, a lot of things.” (via Women’s Wear Daily, 3/12/93)

On me, it smells powdery and sweet, with a floral edge that makes it wearable. My sister isn't a fan of 'nanna' fragrances like lavender, rose or anything powdery, but when she smelt it on me she really liked it. We both agreed that though it was definitely musky and powdery, there was something else that made it stand apart from a 'nanna' fragrance. I attribute that to the floral notes within the scent, and also to the inclusion of mandarin and vanilla within the concoction. Having said all of this, let it be known that I am partial to wearing 'nanna' fragrances, so it would be wise to sniff this and see how you feel about it on the skin as well.
I love the lace adorned frosted sample vial of this fragrance, and I love the quirky female torso design of the bottle that appeals to the classic and quirky sides of this fragrance.
Are you a fan of 'nanna' or powdery fragrances?
What notes are your favourites in perfumes?
*Pretty sure I obtained this in a beauty sample box. Honesty, always.


  1. Fragrance like this is I like the most. I want to own one of this pocket size perfume. Lovely review of a lovely scent. Thanks! :)


  2. I love powdery perfumes :) JPJ classique sounds like a great rose perfume and love the lace design too. I find the torso/ maniquin bottles kind of weird and creepy, :P

  3. I've tagged you in a Liebster Award tag :)


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