Tuesday, September 11, 2012

IMATS Wishlist

IMATS is drawing closer and closer, and I thought it important to spend an evening in front of the laptop, perusing my future purchases and mapping out my IMATS plan of attack. Here are the fruits of the evening!
At IMATS 2011 I purchased a few lip products from Illamasqua that I just don't get enough wear out of, so this time around I am hoping to pick up a new pressed powder, or perhaps a blush shade. Those are things I know I will get more use out of, and would be great additions to my cosmetic collection.
 Unii Palettes
I am planning on getting two or three of these empty makeup palettes to get me stuck into depotting and condensing my powders. I neglected to get one last year as they didn't have the colours I was interested in, and I'd rather not pay shipping for them when I know I can get them for a great price at the trade show.
Face Paint Set
I have been thinking about branching out into creative makeup and face painting. I have a whole bunch of nieces and nephews (11 if you include Chris' side, with 1 on the way!) and would love to be able to paint their faces for parties etc. I could end up being really terrible at it, but I'd love to give it a whirl anyway.
Though I have quite an extensive MAC collection as it is, I am lusting over the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural and perhaps Soft and Gentle to use as a highlight as well. Whether or not I can be bothered lining up at the busy stall remains to be seen, it really depends on my mood.

NYX is really hard to get a hold of (unless you resort to ebay) and I want to swatch a few of the powder blushes and give them a shot. I will definitely be buying Taupe to use as a contour shade, but I'd also love to pick up another pink shade now that I'm almost finished with Peach.
I have heard so much about this brand and I am very, very excited to grab a few pieces. Now that I'm obsessed with skin care I like being able to switch it up depending on how my skin is acting, so I'm looking forward to this nourishing range.

I have not yet successfully applied false lashes, and I'm hoping to pick up some Ardell (and maybe some other brands) to practise with. I have a few looks planned that really need the oomph that lashes give, so I can't wait to learn how to best use these!

Will I be seeing you at IMATS?
Have you tried any of these brands?



  1. Great post!! I need to post one of my IMATS wishlist too, if you don't mind! :P

    Face paint, you can look into Ben Nye or Kryolan -- professional theatrical make-up brands!!

    I'm gonna be looking forward to Illamasqua this year too! Their blushes are dubbed to be amazing!

    NYX is cheaper online, here in Australia (even at IMATS, I believe) are not as cheap as US :( I remember seeing their Round lipsticks at Sydney Spa&Beauty Expo for $10!


    Hope to see you at IMATS!


  2. You're soooo lucky you get illamasqua at your imats! They don't have it in the Toronto one, but I've been dying for a chance to get my hands on the Naked Rose blush. Can't wait to hear about your experience!

  3. Waaaa! I can't go to IMATS this year and I'm devastated. I'll have to live vicariously through you instead.

  4. Great list! I've been thinking of getting a Unii palette as well.

  5. You have chosen some great products. We are quite keen for the NYX and Ardell stalls also. So excited for our first IMATS. We might even see you there xo

  6. Sadly I won't be going but I can't wait to see what you come back with! Such a shame Groove disappeared from Melbourne Central - I used to buy my NYX goodies from there but no more...

  7. Great list! I get my NYX from "beautyjoint.com" which is fairly inexpensive if you don't count shipping ;) haha!
    I'm so sad I can't go this year but definitely next year I'll be there!
    Have a bunch of fun :)

  8. I think I will have to take a leaf out of your book. Great idea, The MAC msf naturals are great and soft and gentle is one of my fave's of the msf's.

  9. I'm temped by a wish list too, I mean I have one, in old fashioned paper and pen, next to me!
    You can get Nyx from Cherry Couture, US prices and reasonable shipping.
    Uuni palettes are fab unless you have a heap of shadows (and you knoe I do) because they are sturdy and handbag proof!
    Hope we can find time to catch up at IMATS I'm SOOO excited!

  10. Your wishlist is great, you've put a lot more thought into it than me since I only have three things on mine! I bought a Unii palette last year but I've barely used it and then when I moved across to Melbourne it must have got jostled around and everything got messed up. You need to use very strong magnets so the pans don't move around.


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