Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coral Reef, Pinched, Flushed // Revlon Photoready Cream Blush // Swatches, Photos, Review

 The new Revlon Escapism collection by Gucci Westman saw the release of three creme blushes, as well as a slew of other beautiful products. Naturally, I was drawn to them like the proverbial moth to a flame, and here are the spoils. (I will also admit to picking up other pieces from the collection later in the week!)
 The packaging of these is nice and compact, a thick plastic pot with a screw top lid.
 From what I understand the most popular shades are definitely the latter two, brighter shades. I am happy to own all three, and have been wearing them all equally.
 Pinched is a pale peach shade that it very sheer, even on my palest-of-the-pale skin tone. I have been wearing this regardless, as I find the hint of colour to work well when I'm playing up my features with bronzer. Those with skin tones darker than mine might want to give this shade a miss, and instead pick up one of the more intense flushes from the range.
Coral Reef is a great match for the lauded Super Lustrous gloss of the same shade, and being a fan of coral colours in general this was a sure fire win for me. Though it appears super vibrant in its pot, it sheers out easily and creates a beautiful flush on the cheeks. I like wearing this with a slick of black liquid liner and the Coral Reef gloss, the look ties in well together and I find it flattering. 
Flushed is a hot pink shade that sheers out, just like the others, to a very wearable pop of pink on the cheek. Of all the blush colours I own, my pink shades get the most love and so this is a nice change from the baby doll pinks I generally go for.
See, I told you they could be sheered out easily!
I find these long-lasting so far (though have only worn them a few times each) but I have had a problem with Pinched fading on my cheeks in a patchy way (which you could only see if you were reaaaally close to my face) I have a feeling it didn't get on with my Dermalogica sunscreen, as when I've worn it previously I didn't have a problem.
I love the muted but bright shades that Gucci Westman dreamed up for this PhotoReady collection, and coming into the warmer weather of Australia means these should get a good run in my 'everyday face' bag.
Have you tried anything from the new Escapism collection?
What are your thoughts on bright cheeks?
*These products were purchased by me and I am not affliliated with Revlon. Honesty, always.


  1. Emma, these look so pretty! I have to say Coral Reef looks the nicest.

  2. They're very pretty! I love that they sheer out, how exxy are they?
    I also find it interesting the boxes are very MAC like.. ha ha! :) Might have to check these out in store,

  3. I've seen these, and were thinking of getting them, but struggle with cream blush. I just love how easy a powder is to apply. Love the swatches!! :)

  4. Lovely colours!
    I was a bit scared of coral reef as it looked super bright orange but the swatch is quite nice!

  5. Ah beautiful! I love the look of Flushed

  6. I'd seen these around and was wondering how they would apply, they look stunning and you've taken beautiful photos, I want them all now too!!!

  7. I have Coral Reef gloss too - hadn't thought of pairing them! I've become a real cream blush fiend lately and I love these :)

  8. I love these blushes! I only own Coral Reef but want to get the other two. They apply so easy and effortlessly :)

  9. Oh my gosh! I NEED these! haha, you are single handedly increasing my blush lemmings and collection ;)


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