Thursday, October 18, 2012


I had been meaning to post this sooner, but it is better late than never! I picked up quite a few goodies outside of IMATS during the week I stayed in Sydney, but will save that for a separate haul.
Last year I came home from IMATS regretting my hesitation in buying certain things, and I was sure to leave with all boxes ticked this year, as you can see. I've kept the brushes in a separate image below, you best believe I bought some!
I once again visited the Gorgeous Cosmetics booth, and bought a powder highlighter in the shade Prism, and some Duo Lash glue (the clear variety) The sales assistant kindly gave me a sample of the Snowberry night cream as well. I stocked up on lashes at the Blync Lashes stand, and bought a stack of big Red Cherry lashes. I had a pair  of 510's applied at the stand (BBU headed to Legally Blonde: The Musical that night so I wanted big lashes!) and they were really comfortable on, so I bought more of that style to take home.
I was excited to visit The Face Paint Shop and check out their face paint tools. I decided not to purchase any just yet, but indulged in some crazily-cheap glitter pots to get creative with! I also visited Scotty's Makeup and bought some of their infamous Studio Brush Sterilizer (ran into Rae Morris and had a chat about palettes and brushes, which resulted in this purchase.)
With a lack of Z Palettes and the shoddy nature of the Unii palette stand (here, have a look, oh we don't have any you can buy, here is a wait list- I've been on a 'wait list' since IMATS 2011!) I turned to Scotty's and Girlee Cosmetics instead. Scotty's palette (very top of photo) is quite heavy and comes with pans for you to fill. I will probably be popping the pans away and placing my own shadows in there. I  bought an empty large Girlee palette in snakeskin, and a small filled with four shadows.
The sweetheart of the haul would have to be my beautiful Ben Nye Rouge & Glam palette, filled with matte neutral shadows and a row of blushes. Each Ben Nye pan was $10 at IMATS and this palette was only $70, so I ended up saving money and getting a lot more pans for it!
I dipped my toe into almost every brush brand IMATS had to offer!
My very first Hakuhodo purchase, sigh. I bought three eye brushes from the famous Japanese brush brand, and though they were the most expensive I treasure them. I also bought the large black brush roll from Girlee for only $5!
I literally just threw a bunch of Crown brushes into a basket and paid for them, I figure the more brushes you have the less you have to clean them!
I stopped by Rae Morris' stand and of course the Radiance brush was sold out (I have one but was contemplating getting it as a gift for somebody) I chose to buy the mini kabuki, to use with my powder highlighters. Lizzi also gave me this precision bent liner brush with a promise that it is easy to use :)
The Royal & Langnickel stand was pretty much wiped clean when I got there late in the day, and so I only managed to get a few pieces. I got the powder brush for myself, and two more of those contouring brushes for my sister and my best friend Candice. I also picked up some of the mini brush sets for them, and one for myself which I forgot to photograph.
Now can you see why I had to split my Sydney haul from my IMATS loot?
In all seriousness, I had expected to get this much and was very happy with everything I chose. They are all things I'll get a lot of use out of, and were very well priced.
Did you go to IMATS this year?
What item do you like best from my haul?
*All of the items were purchased by me (except for Lizzi's gift) I did not include any of my press items in this haul. Honesty, always.


  1. Yowza, good haul! Loving the look of that huge Ben Nye palette!

    1. @Angela thanks sweets:) The Ben Nye palette gives me butterflies all the time

  2. nice haul and great set of brushes you have there.. whats the name of the navy blue shade you have in the first pic ..

    1. @Saumya thank you, I love having so many brushes to choose from now. I'm not sure of the name of that shade, it is from Girlee Cosmetics and the number is 1F01 and it is a navy with golden and purple sort of shimmer in it.

  3. Woohoo great haul! I was the opposite of you and purchased everything in sight last year but barely picked up anything this year. Love all the brushes you picked up!

  4. That is one epic haul. Love these! I can't wait to see you try them all out.

  5. Woot! You did so well Emma, and to think there's more to come! I'm looking forward to a few reviews - especially on the brushes :)

  6. Amazing haul! I bet you had a great time at IMATs :)

  7. Great haul! Eurgh, I wish I wentttt!

  8. I'd love to see photo with the lashes on :) i love love false eyelashes!

  9. Argh the more I look at your Ben Nye palette, the more envious I get. Should have asked you to get it for me when you went back to the convention centre. Sigh more I can only sigh at your beautiful acquisition.


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