Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Laura Mercier // Signature Colour Essentials

My love affair with Laura Mercier is not winding down, if anything I’m falling more and more in love with their products. The latest gift set I picked up is a beauty, and I thought I’d showcase it now while it is still readily available. I find buying palettes and sets from LM easier (and cheaper!) than choosing single shadows, I like the way it forces me to try shades I wouldn’t have picked up!
The Signature Colour Essentials set comes with a quite a few products, and I thought it a really nice touch that they were all individually wrapped in tissue paper (can you tell I love Christmas and unwrapping things?) As well as getting the palette for cheeks and eyes, you get a travel sized Full Blown Volume Lash Building Mascara, a 30ml Foundation Primer, Twilight Caviar Stick, lip glace in Sweetheart and a chunky little All Over Eye Colour brush. I love getting the chance to try a few things from the Laura Mercier line at once, rather than having to stick with the eyeshadows and wonder about the rest. This lets me dip my toe into the rest of the range with ease.


The true drawcard for me was the cheek and eye palette in this box, containing a Second Skin Cheek Colour in Vintage Pink, and two eye colour duets. The first contains Morning Dew, a creamy matte white, and Primrose, a shimmery pale rose beige kind of shade. The second duet contains Topaz, a taupe, and Kir Royal, a deep violet shade which applies beautifully. I find all four of these colours really wearable, and it could be feasible as a holiday palette if you don’t mind using the same four shadows in different ways. The cheek colour is stunningly classic, and a welcome addition to my Laura Mercier blush family. I love the LM signature atop this slimline package, but I do have quite a bit of trouble opening the clasp and it has been the culprit of a few chipped nails lately. Not a deal breaker for me, but definitely something to consider.
Sweetheart, Twilight, Vintage Pink, Morning Dew, Primrose, Topaz, Kir Royal
When I swatched all of the beautiful colours in this signature set, the Twilight Caviar Stick reminded me of a shadow I’d recently purchased, namely MAC’s Moth Brown from the By Request collection. I swatched the two side by side for you. While Twilight is darker and deeper, and Moth Brown more brown in tone, I think they are quite close in colour.

What do you think of purchasing sets like this over individual items? Do you see it as a chance to play with new products, or a waste of things you don’t want/need?
The Laura Mercier Signature Colour Essentials retails for AUD $85 and is available at Myer.
*All mentioned items were purchased by me. Honesty, always.


  1. The first thing that comes to mind is 'want, want, want!' I think I might have to get this :D

  2. oooh that looks great, I might be heading to myer to pick that up soon :P


  3. That set looks so amazing, I love the look of it. It is now officially on my wish list!

  4. The thing I love about sets is that they were put together for a reason - make life easier for you because they go well together so there's no need for you to think. Having said that though...umm...I haven't bought any sets before. I've always bought individual pieces because sometimes one or two products in the set just don't suit me and it seems like such a waste to purchase and not use it. Although now that I do know some more beauty bloggers, I can actually give or swap it with them! ;)

  5. This is such a great little gift set! I'll have to stop by a counter and check it out x

  6. This is so beautiful! I'm also drawn to Laura Mercier hehe but I haven't tried their blushes or eyeshadows! Their Second Skin Cheek Colour in Lush Nectarine is at the top of my wishlist! This is a pretty decent deal though- if I'm feeling a splurge sometime soon I'd definitely pick this. :)

  7. This looks yum!
    I like buying sets, as long as I can at least kindaaa see myself wearing the shades.

  8. I love sets like these and it's so great to see so many around Christmas time (especially so when it comes to skin care, I love to try heaps of mini things at the same time). I spotted this Laura Mercier combination when I was at Myer the other week, it's a beaut. I think the winners here for me are the blush and the lip glaze, both are things I really want to try. :P xx

  9. What a lovely set :) I think I like vintage pink the best!

  10. So pretty! Accck! Should not have clicked haha!
    I like sets a lot! I think it's a great way to try out a brand and see if you really like it!

  11. I think this is a great idea! Laura Mercier know how to select complimentary shades so well too. BTW I self-gifted a little Laura Mercier today - I'll keep it a secret until I post it :))

  12. Ahhhhh, sooooo tempting! The eyeshadows are gorgeous :) I am really loving Laura Mercier right now too, though I only have two of their products (the mineral powder and their Lingerie palette). You're so not helping in trying to make me covet their products less ;)

  13. The eye shadows are so beautiful :)
    That Caviar Stick is right up my alley :) Ive never tried anything from Laura Mercier since we do not have that brand here in Finland.. Ive heard many great things about it though :)
    I think that its great to buy sets, especially if its from a brand that can be expensive when buying single items :) I love buying sets cause I love to try products that are sample sizes before I spend a significant amount of money on a product that can be expensive :)

  14. Um, I'd pick up that palette in a heart beat! I don't want the entire set but I love palettes in general and think they're great value. Twilight is gorgeous and now I must have it!

  15. The Caviar Sticks are excellent. Great buy! I generally don't buy sets like these because there are some things I don't use. But this is an awesome value for money buy.


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