Friday, November 2, 2012

TheBalm // Haul from OzSale

When I saw TheBalm pop up on OzSale a while ago, I decided to indulge in a few items I’d been looking at instore. As you saw in my TheBalmcollection post, I have quite a few bits and pieces from the brand, and am happy to have grown my collection (even though shipping from OzSale is notoriously slow)
The words ‘carrot’ and ‘eye makeup remover’ didn’t really compute for me, and I was intrigued enough to grab a big bottle of this White Tea Carrot Eye Makeup Remover to try it out for myself. Sexy Mama is a translucent powder that I’d been looking into, and I love the slimline packaging of it. Frat Boy is a gorgeous pink blush that I hope can replace my NYX Peach (which I’ve almost used up but has now gone missing?)

What have you tried from TheBalm?
Have you ever ordered from OzSale ?
*I purchased these products. Honesty, always.


  1. I have not ordered from either but I like the look of frat boy :D

  2. Oh man, I got the Hot Mama blush and it is AMAZING. I think it's my favorite now.

  3. I haven't ordered from Ozsale - too slow for me! I'm not a huge fan of theBalm translucent powder but I love their Balmbini Vol 2 palette :)

  4. I've just reviewed Cabana Boy on my blog, I thought Frat Boy would really plain and boring but looks quite nice here...I think I need both now!

  5. I'm SUCH an OzSale tragic. I bought the Nude 'Tude shadow palette, Frat Boy and an illuminiser whose name is escaping me right now. And I haven't tried any of them yet!

  6. Frat boy looks like a lovely shade, and the packaging is super cute!


  7. I missed this sale! I would've been interested in picking up an eyeshadow palette and blush. I like the look of Frat Boy. Hope you find your NYX Peach!

  8. Good buys! I plan on getting all theBalm blushes eventually. Only have Hot Mama for now but Frat Boy looks so nice. :)


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