Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vamp Nails // Alice Had a Vision-Again // essence Twilight BreakingDawn Part Two

I picked up all four essence Twilight nail shades (as I mentioned in this haul) and thefirst one I chose to do a full mani with was Alice Had a Vision-Again. A blackbased filled with purple flecks and the odd aqua fleck as well, this is reallydark but shines purple when it hits the light. The flecks seem embedded in thenail and spread really evenly when painting it on, which made this a reallyeasy polish to work with.
I’ve also snuck some sneaky Dior holiday swatches into that last image, just in case you thought my hands were dirty. I’m tossingup between the two quints at the moment, and just can’t decide!

I really like the deep vampy purple of Alice Had aVision-Again and the flecks of aqua and purple are particularly beautiful indirect sunlight. I would recommend all of the new essence Twilight shades, eventhough I’m not a big Twilight fan the colours are gorgeous.

Are you going to watch the new Twilight film?
What new holiday collections are you lemming?


  1. Mmmm...I love a good vampy purple!

  2. Hi Emma! This colour is so nice; the fact it has that purple aspect to it makes it really original. :) I'm going to see the latest one next week but on the cheap Tuesday haha!

    Ps. This is Sarah from a beautiful story - my iPad spits the dummy with all Blogger blogs' comment forms! :-0 I thought it was an iOS update issue but 2 new updates later, no luck :(

  3. This was the polish from the collection that caught my eye. I love purple polishes and the shimmer in this is so pretty :)


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