Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Failed Makeup Experiment

Sometimes playing around with makeup can be the highlight of my day, which really yells out that I am a beauty fanatic. A while ago I was browsing around on Facebook and saw that Illamasqua had posted some gorgeous crazy looks for inspiration, so I studied one of them and set to work recreating the look on myself. I cannot for the life of me find that image, so I do apologise! Just picture this look with more finesse, and nicer flicked eyeliner!

I grabbed my Inglot palette, MAC Sweet & Punchy (Veluxe Pearl) and my Smokin’ matte BYS palette and set to work. I used this more as a makeup technique practise than anything else, but do think that without the too-thick liner (and with tamed brows!) I could make this wearable another time.
I like the idea of throwing a smokey haze of that dusty blue into my crease, but I think it needs a good slap of black liquid liner (Australis Curve Ink* is my pick right now, has anyone tried it yet?) and more mascara to make it work.
I think it is important to document a wide range of looks on this blog, not just the ones that I like best. Seeing mistakes shows you that playing with makeup is fun, and that it doesn’t have to be taken seriously all the time.
How often do you delve into your makeup drawers just to play around? Do you get crazy and recreate looks, or create new looks by yourself?
*Products were all bought by me, except the Australis liner which I mentioned because it is my current favourite. Honesty, always.


  1. I find whenever I do a brightly coloured look it always needs a liner to anchor it (unless it's extremely avant garde or editorial). You've chosen some lovely colours!

  2. Haha I'm always just sitting at my vanity playing with my makeup I find it so fun to do! Also I am currently trying out different bridal/bridesmaid makeup as I'm doing the makeup at my wedding so that's fun...don't think this look would suit haha but it's pretty cool.

    So you love that Australis eyeliner? I really want to get it! but am on a shopping ban at the moment! xo

  3. Aw, why is this a mistake?! It looks really pretty...I mean I can see how you'd maybe cut down on the flick a wee bit but aside from that, I think it's very wearable. :)

    I do that too, play with makeup sometimes when I'm feeling creative. And I'm quite sure it's sad but doing my makeup every morning is usually the better part of my day. :P

  4. Can't see where the mistakes or "failed" part come into the equation? This looks creative, fun and still wearable to me :) Love how the unusual colours work well together and the extended eyeliner!

  5. Hi sweetie, yeah I like play with the makeup too!
    Your face is absolutely cute
    Btw now I´m following you in Bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me back.


  6. I actually really like this look but agree a bold black liquid liner could add some nice oomph! (Then again I'm biased as I love liquid liner.)

    I'm really liking the new Australis liner too (I too received a PR sample) but I can find it a bit tricky to hold at times. I realise it can be used with either hand but as a left hander I don't know, I tend to hold it right under the base of the tip (as I would with my usual go to Dolly Wink) anyway! :P

  7. Playing with makeup is the highlight of my day too. My husband doesn't get it, he thinks it's all vanity. I see it more as creativity and just plain good fun. Definitely have the more wacky experiments but you are right, that's the whole fun of makeup. And all you do is just enjoy the process and wipe it off at the end of it. You look great here though!! I had the extended eyeliner phase for a while too :) xx

  8. Personally I'm not seeing this as a fail but I know what you mean - it's only fair to show how some of the less successful experiments turn out - take my attempts at nail art for example! Gorgeous as always Emma xo

  9. I definitely post failed experiments too. I think black liner is all you need and this look would be great.


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