Monday, March 25, 2013

Brisbane Lions Nail Art : One To Impress My Man!

The things we do for love, right?
Despite not even following the Brisbane Lions AFL team, Chris was excited that they got into the NAB cup final and requested I do a nail art project for the event. I have to say that him requesting anything like that is a first, so I was happy to indulge him despite my lack of nail art skills. I have been playing around with a terrific little set of dotting tools I picked up from eBay, and came up with two different nail looks. Chris loved the one with the dots down the centre, which reminds me (and everyone I’ve shown this to!) of Indigenous Aboriginal art. I will admit I wasn’t a huge fan of the colour scheme -when his rugby team are on I prefer getting festive, as Melbourne Storm are purple! A much easier colour to pretty up! He was chuffed and kept showing them off at the game, and the Lions ended up winning, so now they are my good luck nails.

Colours Used:                                                                    
TBN Very Berry
essence 01 Fortune Cookie (from the Cherry Blossom Girl collection
Ulta3 Blue Marlin
What other ideas do you have for a nail design with blue, maroon and yellow?!

Does this remind you of Aboriginal art as well?


  1. I'm also a Melbourne gal, however I'm originally from Queensland as well, so I'm definitely enjoying this mani :P haha!
    I'm not a huge supporter of AFL but when people down here in Melbourne get all worked up, it's nice to have a home base :P

    1. @sweetaholic-beauty Haha my man's family used to live in Fitzroy so are fans from way back- cheeky Lions grabbing fans from all over Australia ;P I love going to the footy actually, great atmosphere and it is good to cheer (even though I clap good goals from either team and Chris gets cranky!)

  2. Cute!!! I should do Geelong ones for my boy but I suck at striping!!


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