Friday, March 22, 2013

Top 4 Hand Creams That Soothe and Smell Great!

Seriously, I have a truck load of half used hand creams floating around my place and I just can’t seem to stick it out with just one. These are my top 4 right now, and I love slathering them all over my hands (and elbows, don’t forget!) as I sit at my desk writing or reading blogs.
The Jojoba Company make some rad facial products, and this is the first body product I’ve tried from them. The Lemon & Coconut hand cream* ($22.95/50ml) comes in the cutest pink squeezy tube, and even though I have the travel sized 20ml tube, I still think the regular size would be perfect to keep in your handbag. It smells just like lemon meringue pie to my nose, and I’ll be honest and say that is isn’t my favourite scent, though everyone I’ve shared it with has absolutely loved the smell so perhaps it is just me. Not too thick and sinks in fast, good job Jojoba Co!

For seriously dry hands or an overnight treatment, I reach for my Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Crème* ($19.95/57g). The crazy thick texture and sweet almond smell are highlights of this one, and though some might dislike the pot hygiene issue, I think the glass and cream labels look expensive and nice on my desk with my other night time goodies. Cute cow on the lid, too, how can you say no!?
The Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticle Hand Cream* ($9.95/96g) is fresh and citrusy, and feels quite velvety on the hands after it sinks in. I first used this during the racing season when I was in Federation Square getting a SH manicure (post here if you want to check that out) and I was enthralled by the smell of it. I think scents like this work all year round, either to perk you up on a chilly day at the office or to let you feel tropical on a warm summer day.
I've definitely saved the best for last, because although I enjoy the other hand creams for various reasons, my heart truly belongs to my Endota Spa Lavender and Alpine Pepper hand cream* ($34/90ml and $10/20ml). Amazing scent mix, best formula I've come across, classic and compact packaging...the list goes on. My original review is here if you want to check it out (a very old post indeed! but suffice to say that this cream is my very favourite.
Which of these scents tickle your fancy? Do you have a hand cream recommendation for me? I'd love to hear what hand creams you love most in the comments below, and also the ones that disappointed you!
*These products were provided for consideration and all opinions are mine. Honesty,always.


  1. Emma, you have to check out the Swisse Hand Cream. It's some a somewhat strong orange scent that I'm not a huge fan of but I love the way it makes my hands feel. Amazing!

    Great post.

    - Sophie

    1. @Sophie I'll pop that onto my 'must try' list, I'm finally coming to the end of a few of these tubes so can excuse myself for buying more. Thanks for commenting :)

  2. The lemon and coconut hand cream sounds delicious! I haven't tried any of these but I'm a hand cream junkie like you so now I have a few more to try don't I? At the moment my newest fave is Crabtree & Evelyn's Rosewater hand cream. It has that quaint rose scent but it is uber soothing on my skin - love it!

  3. I've only tried the Sally Hansen and the Endota Spa! They aren't bad, that's for sure.

    What do you think of Crabtree and Evelyn? They are probably top of my list when it comes to hand creams. :) They just smell too good!

  4. I am constantly on the lookout for hand creams and have been contemplating on buying the Sally Hansen cream for a while, sometimes you need a little push when buying something you've had in your mind for a long time and your post is just the push I needed ;)

  5. Not especially a hand cream but I run to the Weleda Skin Food when I have washed my hands once too obsessively and they are so dry they pull (horrible feeling). Best applied at night though, because it's quite a bit rich!

    I have run out of B Bees Almond Milk, I must get my hands (oh, bad pun) on another jar :) The smell is so comforting and delicious!


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