Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mumma Bovary's Camo Mani

It seems like each time I return home from work or a blog event Mumma Bovary has up and changed her nail colour again! For someone who isn’t into her nails, she sure plays with them a lot (she also says that about Facebook but always knows who is doing what on there!) I recently posted a picture on Instagram (username is @emmabovary) of Mum’s glitter polish haul, and the Savvy Ginger Ale was the first bottle to get a whirl as a manicure rather than a hasty swatch. Mum used essence 65 Camouflage (a shade she nicked from my stash) underneath the sheer glitter, and I am in love with the effect! 
I love the way the subtle glitters adds a feminine touch to an otherwise quite masculine colour, and makes it also appear as though it has an interesting texture. I’m very glad I’ve gotten Mumma Bovary hooked on glitter, as it means I will have plenty of shades to snaffle during mani time with her!
Does your Mum wear glitter polish? What do you think of adding feminine touches to camo style shades like this one?

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  1. I really love this look on Mumma Bovary.

    We regularly use glitter polish over our nailpolishes on our Podiatry patients. They absolutely love it - especially the more elderly. We recently had an 85 year old ask for black nail polish with glitter!


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