Monday, March 18, 2013

The Blush Files : 7 Days of Blush (evidence from a blush fiend)

My obsession with blush has been well documented (just take a look inside my overspilling blush drawer to see!) and those who have gone shopping with me in the past have adamantly labelled me a blush fiend. Some people have a penchant for beautiful lip products (see Norlin and her wonderful #lippyaday challenge!) while others have a skincare stash to rival their local Kit Cosmetics. My soft spot is definitely for those pretty pans of colour that warm up my face, and I find them the most fun aspect of makeup application. I challenged myself a while back to wear a different blush pan each day for a week, to get used to rotating what I wear and to get Tarte Exposed out of my clawing hands for once! Here are the spoils of my challenge, which was a success!
As well as my rosy neutrals, I threw a few brighter pinks into the mix for the week to give my cheeks a good pop of colour. Chanel’s Pink Explosion was naturally involved, and I love the shade stippled on with my Samantha Chapman for Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Truth be told, I absolutely love using that brush for the majority of my blushes, whether cream, powder, pigmented or not. BYS Pink Velvet was another pink that got a turn, I adore the BYS blush formula and even the packaging is sturdy (especially when compared to their lipstick casings) Illamasqua’s Naked Rose is one of my favourite blushes, and the matte dusty pink looks great against pale skin like mine.
Milani Berry Amore is a shade that took me a while to get used to, but the gold veining really works when used with a light hand. I did cheat slightly during the challenge, as I used my staple blush on one of the days where I was running out of the door to work. Tarte Exposed is a neutral rosy blush that is too beautiful for words, Chris bought it via eBay for me as a Christmas gift and I fall more in love with it every day. See, blush fiend!
 I also tried out my Korres Pink Zeas May blush for the first time, and really like the wearable pink shade. The final choice for my 7 day challenge was a mix of two Bourjois shades, I first applied Rose D’Or before topping my cheekbones and the apples with Lune D’Or, just to play around with it and see if I could change the shades up a bit.
So, has my status of a blush fiend been upheld, or do I need to do more to convince you, dear readers? Which blush shade would you nab from this loot given the chance?

*All of these blush pans were bought by me, or given as gifts from my fiancĂ©. He knows the way to my heart is through my chipmunk cheeks ;P Honesty,always. 


  1. wow this is an amazing collection. I've only recently started getting into blushes so I don't have a lot but these all look great. I would love to try an Illamasqua Blush & Naked Rose looks Gorgeous I love anything Matte :)

  2. Oh wow you have an incredible collection! Lip products are my weak spot, however I also like a good blush or two and I sat here drooling over these! Lovely post!

  3. You've inspired me to experiment with blusher more, it's always scared me for some reason

    Kayte @

  4. Lune D'Or looks super pretty in your swatch! I used to be disinterested in blush until maybe the second half of last year, now I'm ridiculous. Maybe not quite on your level, but getting there :p My main issue is that I still find it hard to find a blush that really works for me. Illamasqua Naked Rose is a classic case - love the colour but it always makes me look really ruddy. With blush it is so much about getting the application right, and often I miss the mark :p

  5. Lune D´Or, Naked Rose and Berry Amore are the ones that I think Id pick :D All of them are really pretty though :)


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