Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Prettiest Purple Glitter Nails

I’ve never really been a purple loving girl, I was always much more tempted by the happy yellow and oranges in the world and left lilacs and violets to be my sisters favourite. Since I started beauty blogging, purple has slowly crept into my vision and now I can admit that I think it can be truly stunning. I’m a big advocate for pretty glitter nails, and these are some of the prettiest purple polishes and glitters I own!
For the pointer finger I chose to layer Jordana 02 Celebration atop a coat of the Missha Lucid Nail Polish in VL04. I love the opaque glitter effect it created, and think wearing a nice shade under a glitter can make the world of difference to the success of a manicure. For the cheeky middle finger I didn’t technically use a purple shade at all, though the lilac Face of Australia shade in Boys ‘N’ Berries was used underneath to let it qualify (and become opaque) Australis’ Milky Way is a sheer white polish filled with multi-coloured glitters and small blue glitters, and is seriously an amazing shade. Australis are definitely known for their hot limited edition shades, and this edition is one of my very favourites so far.
The ring finger (the favourite of them all, of course!) is yet another Australis beauty. Gold, orange, fuschia, and purple glitter are packed into this bottle, aptly named Glitter Strikes Back. With the aforementioned Missha underneath, this chunky glitter went to town jazzing up my mani and I urge you to run out and grab a bottle as it too is a limited release from the Australian brand. My pinky finger wore a coat of Boys ‘N’ Berries topped with K.K. #30, which to be honest was a bit of a disappointment. It was far too sheer and I needed quite a few coats to get this to look half-decent, so I’m glad this random was a bargain bin find of mine.  
I threw the Missha shade as a base coat for the thumb, before loading ‘er up with the chunky essence glitter from the Snow White collection. 01 Evil Queen is filled to the brim with nothing but purple hexes in a clear base, just how I like my glitters! Perhaps too over the top, but definitely a fun look on occasion.
a cheeky bottle that I didn't use in this mani crept into this picture...can you guess which brand it is?
Now tell me, are you a purple girl or does another colour rock your socks off? Would you wear any of these glittery shade?
*I personally purchased all of these shades. Honesty, always.


  1. Oooh wow looks lovely, I have such a hard time taking off glitter polish though. :(

    1. @Marib I don't find it that difficult, when you do it in front of a YouTube video it doesn't seem to take long at all ;P

  2. Replies
    1. @olgiepolgie yes! Love that you love them too x

  3. Replies
    1. @sarah jane Thanks hun, I really liked this mani even though it was a bit all over the place and crazy

  4. Okay, your post is seriously tempting me with Glitter Strikes Back! I've picked it up and put it down so many times at Priceline. Sigh.

    1. @sleepandwater Can't believe you managed to put it down! This is a total 'you' colour, quite a unique glitter in my opinion. Do it!! (you have me lemming Revlon polishes so now I have to make you lemm this!)


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