Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dior Addict Lipstick 751 Exotique - Bird of Paradise Collection Photos, Swatches + Review

The official Dior obsession has begun, and I have entered into a passionate love affair with the luxe brand. Having only really tried Dior properly last year with the Fairy Golds eyeshadow palette, I was swept away by the new Addict lipstick + gloss range and once more this month by the Bird of Paradise collection. Billed for the US Spring/Summer slot, I find these colours translatable for the cold Melbourne winter as well so decided to pick up my very first Dior Addict lipstick from the brand. I've since been back for the new cream blushes and will perhaps look at the lip products again, but for now this is all I have purchased from the bright tropical paradise Bird of Paradise inspired collection!

751 Exotique comes in the beautiful Dior Addict tube, the design of which I was previously unfamiliar with. I will shamefully admit that I was taken aback by how these open, with the round top being pulled out leaving the whole square tube aside. Now that I’ve gotten the hang of that (beauty blogger problems, right?) I can settle back and admire the amazing flashes of colour that come off of the tube. Yep that is right, I am drooling even before the colour of the lipstick itself is exposed!

Leaving a great sheen on the lips without being slippery or too moisturising, Exotique is a fresh pop of watermelon pink that gets my heart racing. As soon as I set eyes on the colour I knew it had to be mine, and I was so pleased to find it flattering on my pale skin tone. Having said that, this is quite a buildable shade so it can be worn nice and bright or with a quick swipe of sheer colour. It would no doubt look amazing on darker skin tones as well, and considering it is my first foray into the famed Dior Addict I have to say I am, ahem, addicted!

Have you succumbed to anything from the Bird of Paradise collection? This is limited edition so get a move on if you haven't!

What do you think of pinks like this?
Have you tried a Dior Addict before?


  1. I love pinks. This is really pretty!

  2. Gorgeously fresh pink! Love this on you. I like the Addict formula a lot, though I only have two minis so far.

  3. Oh that lipstick looks amazing on you :)
    I really love the packaging and the color itself :)

  4. So pretty on you Emma! I am loving pinks at the moment and this one is perfect on you!

  5. I'm a total Dior girl..
    Their packaging rocks.

  6. Lovely colour! I thought it was going to be crazy bright from the picture, but it looks awesome on you.

  7. The colour looks great on you! I'm also a sucker for these kinda pinks! Actually... all kind of pinks! :3


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