Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Night Routine

Despite really enjoying the skincare I had been using, once again I’ve switched it up in order to explore new products and work on improving my skin. I’ve been slapping these on while watching FleurdeVlog after my nightly cleanse, and I’ve been loving the feel of the silky L’Occitane Essence Sublime serum*(on counter August 14th)! The packaging is really pretty, and undoubtedly better than the small necked Angelica Hydration Cream* which is luxe but hard to reach into. I’ve been trialling the L’Occitane products for over a month now, and the cooling Regard Radieux Eye Roll On* is a strange consistency (I’m used to eye creams over gels) but hasn’t caused milia, so thumbs up for that!

Acne is something I like to keep at bay surprise surprise and as always I turn to Mario Badescu for that.  The Buffering Lotion is tops for under the surface bumpiness,  while the Drying Lotion zaps any big nasties without drying out my skin like other spot treatments do. Highly recommended!  I’ve been squeezing the last drops out of my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, and was elated to find out that my local pharmacy is not stocking the range- score! I tried to describe it to my sister today, and the phrase ‘skin perfector’ and ‘a damn miracle’ were involved, so there’s that for ya…

What are you slapping on your face in the PM?


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  2. I'm really keen to try out MB products but need to use up some other products first!

  3. Right this second I slathered on Chanel eye gel, YSL beauty secrets pen on anything tired looking (so everything basically) with Dermalogica hit the spot treatment on any zits. Jurlique citrus purifying mist to begin with too. Weleda Skin Food on dry body parts, NUXE lip balm on you guessed it my lips, and any spare skin gets drowned in Clinique Moisture Intense and crinkles get the same treatment by the Repairwear Laser Focus sample. I loathe being hormonal in Winter.

    Followed by a severe glugging of water from Tupperware 1L water bottle (insurance against my habit to reach for the snooze button in the morning) and a spritz of deep sleep pillow spray in the air over my bedlinen, place my satin eye pillow delicately on eyes. Pass out roughly twenty minutes later once strategic tossing and turning has taken place.

    ETA: My exhaustion last night is embarrassingly obvious. My apologies, Emma!

  4. I wish i could stay awake long enough to develop a better routine than a quick makeup removal and a serum (when i remember) !


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