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Diamonds are Forever with Tiffany Case // OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand // Photos, Swatches, Review

Though it has been 50 years since Ian Fleming put pen to paper and created the James Bond character, I am yet to see a full Bond film. Considering that my minor for my undergraduate course was cinema, I am quite surprised at that fact (in fact, there are a lot of films I should have seen by now…) When OPI reached out to me about trying some of the new Liquid Sand polishes based around the female characters in the Bond films, my interest was piqued. Of the 3 bottles I received, the medium blue glitter filled Tiffany Case* was the most surprising to me.

Seemingly taking inspiration from the namesake of this shade (the 1971 film Diamonds are Forever in which Tiffany Case stars) this amazing blue is filled with a pretty glitter, which really adds a depth to it that it just captivates me once it is atop my nails. I use a single coat when I wear the Liquid Sand formula as they are so opaque, though I am interested in trying out a top coat with it to see how it reacts with the formula. They are so easy to remove as well, which means I reach for them quite a bit! Purely because I was feeling creative during a study break I decided to play around with my Konad stamping for an accent nail, and using Sally Hansen Pacific Blue over Australis Kick The Bucket*. I don’t like the look of an accent nail with the liquid sands, so it isn’t something I would do again.

What do you think of Tiffany Case?
Which of the Bond films are your top pick?
Is there a classic movie you haven’t seen yet even though you know you should’ve?

You can buy OPI Bond Girls from Adore Beauty, David Jones, Myer + other retailers.
*This polish was a PR sample. Honesty, always.


  1. You've never seen a Bond film!? Blasphemy! I'm a huge Bond fan, even the books!
    I really like this one, it's really pretty! I want to get my hands on the pink one too!

    I agree with you though, I don't think it looks great with the accent nail sadly.. it's too overpowering, in a way?

  2. Gorgeous! I'm really liking the liquid sand polishes. I have my eye on Vesper. The latest Bond movie was freaking amazing, but Sean Connery is still my favourite James Bond. I still haven't seen The Godfather movies or the Toy Story movies!

  3. OOOOOOHH you used your Konad!! I never would have thought to use it with a Liquid Sand, maybe it looks different in person but I think it looks great!! I think I have this Liquid Sand and another shade, but I haven't used them yet. They're very pretty.

  4. The only James Bond film I have watched completely til the end is Skyfall :)
    Im not a huge Daniel Craig fan so I was not that very impressed by the movie ;)
    I have friends who are HUGE James Bond fans so I watch my tongue around them when it comes to my actual feelings about mr Bond ;)
    Anyway.. this seems to be a very interesting polish :) I do not own any liquid sand polishes but they do indeed look rather interesting :)
    I think the accent nail with the liquid sand nails look fabulous :)
    A while ago OPI was having a tribute collection cause of James Bond turning 50 years and I bought Goldeneye, Live and Let Die and The World Is Not Enough from that collection :) Buying that many makes me look like a die hard James Bond fan.. Im not.. Im just a nail polish fan ;)
    When it comes to classic movies I think I have seen quite a lot of them. When it comes to modern time classics like Twilight, The Hunger Games etc I have not watched those yet ;)

  5. I second Jasmine, I can't believe you've never watched one! :)

    I love this shade, I didn't think I would but it looks stunning!

    The stamping looks great, very professional, but I do agree that it doesn't quite fit in with the liquid sands, I think maybe because of the texture?

  6. This mani looks pretty, but I'm not a fan of textured polishes - glitter is something I'm on the border about too. I'm admiring from here, leaving the nail polish texture adventures to the pros ;).

  7. Hi Ash B

    Textured nails are the next trend in the nail category, so you will be seeing a lot more of textured and matte (two tone) nails.

    OPI's Liquid Sand has a bit of a pebbled effect, like soft sand on your nails; it's really cool, its sparkling finish is due to the fine glitter particles.

    My favourite Bond Girl lacquer is Honey Rider, mainly because gold is very on-trend for winter.

    You will be seeing a lot more metallic shades, as metallics will continue to be popular through to 2014. Silver metallic will be extremely popular this Summer.

    I agree with you Emma, the Konard accent nail isn’t as strong. Perhaps you could try using the Liquid Sand as the accent nail against a contrasting colour. Accent nails tend to be of a different texture or colour tone for it to be effective.

    Enjoy Ladies

    Lisa Miller, Marketing & PR for OPI Australia


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