Thursday, March 5, 2015

Salon Melbourne, Part Two - Experience, Photos & Measly Excuse for a Haul

So another Salon Melbourne rolled around and I was totally prepared to fill my head full of new beauty knowledge, gain some much needed blogging inspiration and bring home some hard-to-find goodies with a decent sized haul...two outta three ain't bad?
Salon 2015!
I noted down some of the presentations I was interested in for my first Salon instalment, and soon after arriving I settled down on the bench with my dear friend Norlin (of Baubles Bubbles Bags fame) to let Simone Lee pour some knowledge out for us in Magnifque: Music Artists Vs. Movie Stars. I don't know exactly what I was expecting but I got more than I'd hoped for - Simone turned 3 models into music or movie stars before our eyes and it was a great way for the general public (or bloggers) to connect with the techniques she was speaking about. I think my favourite had to be when she turned her model into Cher's character from Burlesque - I love that movie! 

Youngblood stand, where Norlin bought a thing or two ;)

I was so impressed with the variety at the FABY stand - see my FABY mani here!

shade names on point...

first time I visited a Crown Brush stand without buying something...can someone check my temp?

amazing talent at the Beauty and Hair Academy stall!

pretty awesome catwalk, though how the models danced with that hair and those heels I'll never know...
I really thought that Salon Melbourne would break my 'no-shopping' mojo, and I have to admit that I did enjoy swatching and window-shopping the day away, but in the end only a single item was deemed worthy of entering my makeup collection...

I have had my eye on Sugarpill's 'Midori' since I began beauty blogging but have actually never seen the brand in person, and as soon as I swatched this I got those beauty-loving butterflies I've been waiting for since my last big haul. Norlin was actually laughing at how excited I was while buying a single measly eyeshadow, but let me tell you the high was worth it.

How crazy do you go with hauling at events like this?
Does IMATS send you broke every year?
Am I crazy to be this excited over a single shadow?!
-Emma x

*I attended Salon Melbourne as media but was not reimbursed for this post. Honesty, always.


  1. Well done Emma, lots of self-restraint!
    I've never been to an event like this so I cannot even imagine what I would be like if confronted with that much make up. A lot of the times, when I get overwhelmed, I actually don't end up getting anything LOL
    I think it's great when you go in there knowing exactly what you want and you stick with it without too many deviations

    ChloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

    1. Thank you Chloe! Events like this are so much fun, and great for shopping with a discount, too!

  2. Wow you were very well refrained :)

  3. Hahaha, Emma, I absolutely love it that you only bought a single eyeshadow! Me and Kar Yi (Angelic Betrayal) went to IMATS New York last year for the first time, and it was beyond crowded, a very overwhelming. We did buy more than you, mostly in brushes (Hakuhodo, Wayne Goss and some bdellium tools), but overall, I'm not sure if it was absolutely worth it. For the price of the ticket, I was expecting bigger discounts, but that wasn't really the case; for example, MUFE was 20% off, and you can get that anyway when Sephora has their VIB sale :/ But it was a good experience overall, so I'm glad to have it under my belt.

    1. I actually couldn't believe it, they had such nice things there to buy! I bought some Hakuhodo brushes at IMATs but still haven't used them, how sad is that? The best thing about IMATS for us is that you can get your hands on Sephora-esque brands that we don't have - we are pretty limited here in Australia (or at least it feels that way, that is why I go crazy in America!)

  4. Oooh yeah.
    I used to be a crazy big hauler.
    Well I recently "hauled". Five items. Woo. Two of which were the same item (replacement eyeshadow brushes) and one was a spot treatment, and the other two were Revlon's new primer balm and insta fix makeup stick for my work makeup bag. Sigh, nothing really wild. It's been a while. The time before that was Toning lotion from Clinique, and a nude rose soft matte eyeshadow to get gwp.
    Even at Sephora I think I spent maybe $20-$30 on myself? Some toning mists and a mask or two.
    I'm sure I will make up for it when Urban Decay hits Mecca and I visit Melbourne in July. Right?
    #weddingspending taking priority right now. Boring!

    1. 5 items is still pretty awesome to me, haha! Primer balm sounds pretty intriguing...I used to love big hauls too (I definitely hauled big on holiday) but I still take longer to decide on things and do more research. I've also stopped buying every colour in a formula until I've tried it out, makes sense huh!

      I think I'm going to absolutely love when UD is available in Mecca!

  5. I think it's when we've had so much that we either still haven't used or still being used that we only end up buying what we absolutely need and want. I thought you were pretty discerning with your "loot". A great thing in my books. Still shocked but still good. Mine wasn't much of a haul either. More necessities, except for the two items from YoungBlood of course but those two were well worth the money spent man!

    1. I just find it harder to get excited over products nowadays - I prefer to wait it out and fall in love with something!


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