Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll Vol.380

Another round of the famous Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll to kickstart my brain! Here is Vol. 380...
a snap I took last week at our lake

1.Describe your typical weekend makeup look.
My weekend look is pretty similar to my weekday look, but if I'm heading out at night on the weekend I tend to take a bit more time doing my eye makeup and it makes the biggest difference to my overall look. I like to rock a bright lip on the weekends just because I can, but makeup choices generally depend on my mood more than anything else. If Mister takes me to a café I like to feel prettied up as it puts me in a good mood!

2. Have you ever trimmed your nose hair (be honest!)?
I can honestly say that I've never trimmed my nose hair - Mister, on the other hand...

3. Mascara primer: totally necessary or totally overrated?
I am yet to try a mascara primer but am intrigued to see whether or not they actually make enough of a difference to my lashes - mine are pretty long and curly as standard so it'd have to really impress me!

4. Gladiator shoes or espadrilles? (P.S. “Neither” is not an option. You have to choose one.)I think gladiator shoes are probably my jam over espadrilles - I'm definitely more of a flats person!

5. 5 random things you’re loving right now?
-Peppermint tea - I seriously can't get enough of the stuff right now
-My Laid Back Sample Project - I'm really enjoying trying out a stack of new beauty products without the pressure!
-Breaking Bad - Mister and I are currently watching the final season for the first time and the excitement in our house is crazy!
-Days off - am totally savouring my days off at the moment, pottering around the house and ticking things from my to-do list feels wonderful
-These hashtags on Instagram: #planneraddict #kmartaus #bathandbodyworks
This week is shaping up to be quite nice - the new Madame Bovary movie is released on Thursday (check out the trailer!) and I'm hoping to get along to see it soon - can't remember the last time I was so excited for a film! How is your week looking so far?


  1. I love this beauty poll read. It's something good to read instead of reviews from the blogs I follow.
    I'm loving the #kmartaus hashtag as well - my phone is filled with screenshots of stuff I want to buy, except my Kmart can be a little stingy with bringing out the good stuff in store.

    1. Glad you enjoy this type of post Nikita - I find them pretty interesting to do and it's a nice way to change up what I do here on the blog. I am so addicted to Kmart - so many of the items are on backorder though and it is all the ones I want!!

  2. The nose hair question made me laugh! Nope. Me neither, thank goodness! My week's shaping up pretty well too - I've been meeting new friends (that I already knew via social media) and will be catching up with some old ones on the weekend!

    1. It made me laugh, too! Sounds like you had a good week, I'm glad!

  3. OMG I miss freaking out over Breaking Bad. Isn't the stress so enjoyable?? lol Tell me how you like the ending because... HOLY COW.

    1. It's so, so enjoyable you're right! Normally I hate stressful shows but this was just perfect for me...the ending, well I'm still not sure how I feel about it!!


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