Thursday, May 19, 2016

City v Country Haul // Sephora, Op Shopping, Revlon & T2

Living a while away from a loved one can be so tricky sometimes, so I was elated to be able to enjoy a mid-week stay with my best friend Candice a few weeks ago in Barfold, Victoria. We wanted to just spend some chilled out time together so after a lovely dinner cooked by her hubby we snuggled with tea in front of the projector and watched The Bounty Hunter - Gerard Butler, need I say more?!
In the morning we wandered around her yard checking out all the plants and vegetables, it definitely made me envious as I've not got a green thumb in the slightest. I had cuddles with her adorable husky Kye, and we ate eggs and drank coffee with the morning sun streaming in through the window - definitely one of those moments to think back to when having a hard day at work! Sometimes life can get a bit hectic, but relaxing in such a beautiful part of Victoria helped me to sit back and think about how lovely life can be.


We drove into some country towns for a spot of shopping and I wanted to share what I bought at the op-shops and country stores, but I also hit up the shops in Melbourne CBD as I had to pass through to catch the V-Line train. Here is my modest haul, city v. country edition!
I hit up the cardigan and jumper section of the op shop pretty hard, coming home with 4 new knitted pieces to add to my wardrobe. Coral seemed to be the colour of the day but I must say I'm most enamoured with the bejewelled navy pullover I scored - nanna chic is my favourite style, for sure. Brand new pillowcases were a slightly less exciting purchase at Vinnie's, but I needed it! I also took advantage of my high spirits and finally picked up the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry, which I've seen on so many blogs I admire and I think it will be a great shade for those really cold days when I need to crack out my dark winter coats.
Another beauty purchase was my very first Sephora Australia pick - Formula X nail colour in Sparklebomb which is a champagne and gold glitter. I will have a full post up on this shade, I'm quite excited as I've always wanted to try Formula X and now it is so much easier to buy in Australia!
I just couldn't go to the CBD without hitting up T2, I wanted to get Candice a box of tea to go with her birthday gift and couldn't resist picking up this Red Choc Mint rooibos tisane to try out, I'm so obsessed with chocolate mint tea at the moment that I want to try any that I lay my eyes on! Candice also rifled through her tea cupboard and dished me out a few to take home and sample, how sweet is that?!
I had such a lovely time in Barfold with Candice, and I'm so happy to be heading up there for a party at her place this weekend with Mister in tow - nothing better than enjoying the company of a few of your favourite people at the same time!!

Hope you're all well!
Emma x


  1. Sounds like a super relaxing trip - I'm jealous of that vegetable garden too, is that a tiny baby eggplant in the photo?

    1. It sure is, how cool is it?! I am so impressed by her vegies, she is a green thumb and so crafty too!

  2. Naturally I had to look up where Barfold was lol. I was in Bendigo last weekend! Close by! I wish I had a green thumb too, I envy those who are keen gardeners. The nail polish shade looks amazing!

    xo Kat @ Katness

    1. Haha no-one ever knows where it is, I sure didn't when she moved there! Yes Bendigo is nice and close, that is where she works actually!

  3. Lol, you succumbed to Sultry! I had to put mine away as it was looking too dark and gloomy for the finer weather we're starting to enjoy. Loved this post, Emma! <3

    1. I think of you every time I see it Liz, and I just needed it in my stash! As if I need to think of you more ;P
      Lucky you with pleasant weather, I'm sitting with the heater on and it's a rainy week ahead for us here in Melbourne.


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