Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New Favourite Nude Nails! My Nightly Craving - Gelish #579 Swatches

I was all set at my recent nail appointment to go for a deep and shimmery grey polish over the top of my clear acrylics, but then the lady next to me pulled out a few nude shades and my eyes clapped onto this grey/brown/pink/lavender nude concotion and I was all "excuse me, what number is THAT!?" I googled the number from the swatch stick at the salon and it turns out that My Nightly Craving was released in 2013 in the Under Her Spell collection, which was full of cozy cream shades that scream winter. Perfect for the rainy grey weather Melbourne is experiencing this week!

This is my first time using a Shellac/Gel/Gelish type product over false nails, and I have to say that not having to sit and wait an absolute age for them to dry has already won me over! They're also a lot shinier than a standard polish with OPI topcoat, even Mr commented that they looked fancier than normal so that's a win. Something to note is that the colour does seem to fade/change a little over time, which was also noted in this blog post I came across in my searches. It doesn't really phase me as it just seems to be a tad more brown-nude than the pinked lavender greige kind of nude it began as, and I like both of those nude variants anyway! If you're going to be scrutinizing your nails though, the shift of pink and brown may drive you a little insane.
It was hard to capture just how beautiful this shade is, so it's worth having a look if you have access to Gelish where you are. The colour change is a bit of a pain but no-one looking at my nails has noticed it and the compliments have been rolling in. I'm very tempted to pick up a full bottle of this next time I'm out shopping...

Emma x


  1. This looks like a very lovely shade and something I most definitely would buy :)
    I love murky colors :)

    1. The greige in it would really appeal to you Anna, it's a great nude :)


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