Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lazy Monday

My plan was to find some new eateries around our area on Monday, but Mister Christopher's grumblin' tum lead us to the usual- sometimes, you shouldn't mess with perfection! Bennetts Cafe in Westfield is nice and close, I often take my girlfriend's there for coffee and chats. Chris ordered the usual chicken burger, and I stepped outside the norm and ordered eggs florentine. Soft poached eggs, spinach, toasted english muffin, holl sauce, smoked salmon and a big side order of feta. HEAVEN! Cannot believe I am this late to the game, fail!Wore the Kenji jeans I nabbed on the weekend from Myer=) Ripped to shreds and very very comfy. Dye stained my legs a little though=( But nothing a good body scrub didn't fix.(Review soon!) Just a lazy Monday outfit, that I adore=) With this year of uni winding up and work stampeding into the xmas rush early, I am getting stressed and it was nice to just sit, drink coffee, people watch, and eat feta with my boy. Little things mean everything.

emmabovary xx

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