Thursday, September 8, 2011

Models Prefer 'Glitz and Glamour' Highlighter

Hi. My name is Emma and I once was a highlighter-phobe...
 ...until this fell into my Priceline basket. Hallelujah!
This caught my eye when the beautyheaven girls were showcasing the new look Models Prefer packaging and prodz, and I'm ever so thankful to them for that. My main struggle with highlighters was that they were liquid, and cut unnatural lines thru the foundation coverage that lay before them. Glowy, amazing cheeks are what I wanted, but what I got was silvery streaky lines of bad skin above the cheeks. Not hot in any sense of the word. Lo and behold, the powder formulation is a winner for me.
I love my Glitz & Glamour!
Sorry for the halved image, poor Mister Christopher's face is chopped out.
I think that is the glowiest I've ever looked in a picture (at least in a positive glow kind of way) and I love it (the glow I mean) It's all thanks to Models Prefer.
I use a concealer type brush to apply this highlighter, and find it lasts well and doesn't look unnatural for day or night wear. As a blush it's pretty full on but to be honest, I really like that.
I like that you can choose shades and mix and match to your hearts content, I tend to use the two light pinks for highlighting if not just the bottom shade.
Swatched from top shade, clockwise, mixed at end

Same order but different view of wrist shade, which is all of the colours swirled together (which is how I use this as a blush)
The big kahuna, my perfect highlight shade. Sigh!
I love the sleek, sturdy and sexy packaging, and am wowed by the product. I can't recall the exact price of this, but I know I got change back from a $20 and it's worth so much more. Run, now, I want to see you glow!
emmabovary xx


  1. I have keep eyeing the highlighters off every time I visit priceline :) Now I really want it! Great review and thanks for the swatches :)

  2. Ugh SO pretty! I've just got over my fear of highlighters, and am buying them like crazy. Unfortunately I just decided to start a no-buy :( *weeps*

  3. @Su no problem, I'm so in love with this

    @Jerry A no buy! Ludicrous! But good on you, I really should be on one too

  4. Looks just like a Laura Mercier highlighter I have. Beautiful :) I love highlighters to give that little extra glow to a look :)

  5. It does look a little LM-esque doesn't it? I've fallen so hard for powder highlighters

  6. And now I hope that item falls into my basket too :)

  7. I hope it does too Chloe! Would love to see it on you x


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