Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August Favourites!

Had a quiet month with most of my time spent in the uni library or at home studying, and these are the products I used and loved most.
Face of Australia 'Outback Translucent' Powder* and Models Prefer 'Glitz and Glamour' highlighter were an everyday staple for me. The FOA powder is everlasting, I can't imagine ever finishing it despite using it all the time. I have a review of the highlighter almost ready, it's a lovely product.

Essence Palm Tree Party trio from the Return to Paradise collection, MAC Painterly and Shiro Cosmetics S.S. Anne loose pigment were eyeshadow winners for me this month! I use Painterly under every eyeshadow and it works well for me. I use S.S.Anne over a natural eye look to finish it off, and I love the shimmery, multi-dimensional effect it gives. From the Essence palette I've been using the third shade across which is a beauty in disguise- so so in swatches, this pops hard on the eye! It's a hard shade to describe, for me it leans brown, purple, grey and taupe all at once. Beautiful!
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation was a wonder for me this month, the original is my HG and this is just as good! Not very serum like, but great coverage and very moisturising. My Sugar Baby Vanilla hand cream was a bargain at $4.95 from Portmans, and the smell is incredible! Non greasy which was a must as I was (am still!) contantly typing on the computer.
Essence mini Colour and Go polish in Space Queen was popped over every other colour this month! I originally bought it to go over a navy for a galaxy inspired mani (post up soon) and loved the effect! A really pretty sparkle for over the top of other shades, but I'm also on the look out for a glitter fest polish to wear all on it's own. If you know of a great one, let me know!

That's it for August, did any of these products catch your eye?
emmabovary xx

(Face of Australia's translucent powder was sent to me for consideration for review from PR, but all opinions are honest and not influenced by that. Promise!)


  1. Great favourites! I have been lusting over Model's Prefer! They look fabulous in the new repackaged form :)

  2. Hey, I went to Epping Target and grabbed heaps of Essence goodies including one of those limited palettes!

  3. I should try that FOA loose powder! It's probably just because I love using big fluffy brushes, but I love loose powders. And I have a models prefer bronzer sitting next to me as we speak - though I think I'll be using it as an eyeshadow.

    Hive mind, I'm tellin ya.

  4. @Su the new packaging is fab! The highlighter is ace, I really want to try the blushes and brushes next

    @Vita yay! How good is the range there! You'd have seen the empty spots there, all me right there haha. In love with them so so much. Can't wait to see you explore them!

    @Suzanne It is crazy cheap and so so good- no white caste, no dry patches, it's awesome. This highlighter would be great as an eyeshadow too, good idea!

  5. The Models Prefer range is looking real good to me lately, might have to investigate further :)

  6. Jade They seem to be stepping it up of late, I for one am really impressed

  7. I definitely need to use SS Anne more, I always gush how beautiful it is in the comments of peoples' blog posts, but rarely actually use it myself :S

  8. It's soo pretty, I use it a couple days a week at least. I only bought a sample but want to get the full size and press it


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