Sunday, September 4, 2011

Peach Crystal- Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Balm (Review+Swatch)

This little stunner jumped out at me during a cheeky Priceline trip a few weeks ago, and despite not needing it in the slightest, it somehow wangled its way into my basket.
The Revlon Summer Romantics collection is new out at my local, despite us Aussies only just heading into Spring. Nevertheless, a gorgeous collection that had me swooning.
If only it could make me look like Ms Alba!
And well priced as you can see
The lip balm pots jumped out at me, and as soon as I smelt the peachy goodness I knew Peach Crystal was the one for me.
Comes in a sturdy pot that has a slide out brush in the lid, great if you aren't a fan of using your fingers to apply lip products. This is safe to keep in your bag as it is super secure.
If you enlarge the image you can see the slight shimmer that runs through the balm. This doesn't translate to the lips, however, but adds a glossy sheen to the swatch.
The tint is quite sheer and only gives the slighest coral hint to the lips, so if you're wanting a good colour payoff this isn't for you. It would be really nice over a coral lip stain, so if you know of any please let me know.

The scent of this product is quite strong, so if you have an aversion to peach you should sniff before you buy. I personally love it, and it was the deciding factor in my purchase.
Scent is killer
Nice glossy sheen
Very wearable
Pretty packaging
Non Sticky
SPF 15
Packaging quite bulky for carrying in handbag
Jar form can be unhygienic (though this does come with a brush)
Minimal colour payoff
A winner, despite its flaws!
My bestie is lusting after the cream shadow palette from the range and I'm sure I'll pick up something else from it soon, so I will get back to you when I do.
Have you tried anything from the Revlon Summer Collection?
Are you a fan of strong scents in lip products?
Do you know of any great coral lip stains?

emmabovary xx


  1. Ooh, I was playing with these lovelies yesterday at Priceline. They look gorgeous!!!

  2. @Ling aren't they so cute! Did you have a sniff of them, what did you think?

  3. they look so pigmented in the pot still it's such a pretty colour. Picked up the nail polish in Blue Lagoon and love it:)

  4. OMG i walked past this a million times and never thought anything of it :(

  5. I saw these too - I was fascinated by the blue gloss pot!

  6. @Priyanka I know, I was hoping for a brighter colour too. That polish would look amazing on your skin tone! Swatches?

    @Melissa The smell was what really got me, though they are super cute

    @Vita Isn't the blue crazy! I was so tempted by that one

    @Angela it smells divine


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