Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello Kitty Cosmetics-Collection Overview and Mini Reviews

A few weeks ago I heard a whisper of a Hello Kitty cosmetics line being brought into Priceline stores. I'm not a mad HK fan by any means, but thought the collection would be cute and so dragged Chris down there when we spent the day in the city together last week. I found the collection in the back corner of the Bourke St. Priceline store opposite Myer, the stand was thin and could be easily missed if you don't have eagle eyes.
Clockwise from left we have:
* Eyeliners ($11.95) khol pencil ($9.95) mascaras ($14.95) and balms ($9.95) 
*Bright polishes in front, pale shades behind them ($9.95)
*Hello Kitty plushie/ears with purchase (buy 2 products get gift free)
*lipsticks ($12.95)
*cheeks ($12.95) and powders ($14.95)
*matte lipsticks ($12.95)
*magnetic gloss ($13.95) diamond gloss ($9.95) Diamond Stars Roll On for Face and Body ($9.95)
*eye shadow singles ($9.95) and duos ($11.95)
*whole stand
I chose two pieces from the Hello Kitty collection, and was eligible to choose from the gift of a plush toy or kitty ears. I chose the ears as I figured I would get more use from them (kitty dress up,haha) This is what I took home with me:
A magnetic gloss in the shade 'Baby Lip' and the blush in 'Venise' with my gorgeous ears!

The blush compact feels really sturdy

How cute is the dotted Kitty logo on the lid!
A heavy swatch

Venise is a warm pink shade that would be a perfect winter blush, and though it can be quite pigmented (as shown above) it's also pretty buildable. Will play around with it a little more before commenting on lasting power and other attributes. Am happy with the purchase, it's a very pretty colour in a cute and sturdy compact.

ooh magnetic *attracts admiring glances thanks to my gloss*
Love the subtle and cute HK touches on the prodz
Not 'Baby Lips', just 'Baby Lip' ;)

The Magnetic Gloss is the star of the collection in my opinion, it feels wonderful on the lips and has a strong lolly-like smell that I personally like (but I'd give the tester a sniff if you're unsure about scented glosses). Baby Lip reminds me of my Nars Orgasm gloss but a little more sparkly, and on the lip it's not a glitter bomb but more akin to a shimmery loveliness that does indeed have a 'magnetic' effect that draws the eye. It isn't sticky but very moisturising, and lasts a long time on my lips. It's the sort of colour you can whack on without a mirror, which I appreciate as I live in front of the uni library computers at the moment. I think Sanrio have hit the nail on the head with the packaging of the collection, I think it's cute but classy and much less 'cheap-looking' than I thought it might be. I especially love the little dotted Hello Kitty faces that adorn the products, I'm happy to whip these out in public without looking like I've stolen from my niece's makeup bag.
Have you had a look at the Hello Kitty collection at Priceline?
Are you a Hello Kitty fan?
(*All items were purchased with my own money and I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. Honesty, always.)


  1. Dovey, how cute are they! I have some dorky shots of my bestie wearing them but thought I'd be nice and leave the shots private haha

  2. Too cute! I sooo wish that I could get my hands on a few items... maybe ebay?

    The ears are totally cute too!

  3. Bailey I'm sure ebay will be filled with these, their appeal is big! The ears are even cuter on, lol

  4. These are too cute, I want those ears! I hope my priceline has this collection x

  5. @CrosswireDreamers I've heard a few Priceline's don't have the range, though I think out in the suburbs the range is plentiful:) Let me know how you go!

  6. I love those kitty ears :D so adorable
    I love that blush shade... so pretty and it will look wonderful now during autumn/winter :)
    I have loads of Hello Kitty eyeshadow palettes that Ive bought over the years from H&M.. they are such a good quality and the packaging is so adorable :D

  7. Okay, I admit it, I was sold on the fuzzy ears! But the blush actually looks lovely, too- I'm sort of hoping that I can find this line somewhere in Canada :)

  8. I've found that skinny little stand at Bourke St Priceline! Grabbed a couple of nail colours (so weak of me not to resist) and the gloss you've just reviewed. Such a cute colour. xoxo

  9. @shortylegsbeauty they are so cute on! Sadly it's Australian summer coming so this might be put away until winter!

    @Cee the blush would look lovely on you! Not sure if this is an Australia-only release, shall investigate.xx

    @Vita :) It's such a small stand,hey! Can't wait to see you with the nail colours on. Nice gloss choice, how are you finding it? x

  10. Love the new purple shade of Violetta lippy I bought today...also purchased the Bollywood shade. Am going to be reviewing them on later this week! :)Was lucky enough to get the cute kitty plush and the kitty ears too!

  11. Oh very nice, I'll go and check it out now. How cute are the kitty ears, so sweet


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