Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Empties

Cannot believe it is already October! Getting so excited for the end of the year, it's something I look forward to each year and this time around it's extra special because I will be celebrating a big birthday amongst the xmas and new year cheer!
A rather mediocre lot of empties this time around, mostly shower goodies. My moisturiser and some of my makeup is almost empty so October should be a good month for making room in my collection. A collection which is almost bursting after ABBW!
On with the empties:
Botanical Creations body scrub in Lily & White Tea
My favourite scrub, I am so heartbroken about this range being discontinued from Priceline. This scent seems so luxe yet this was so affordable, at the end up it was only $1. I have a drawer full of back ups, thank goodness.
Essential Ingredients Vanilla & Coconut Body Wash
This was only $1 at my local supermarket, and though it wasn't as nice as some of my fancier shower prodz, it was definitely lovely considering its price. Would repurchase again.
Avon Naturals Body Wash in Sparkling Cherry Blossom
I used up a different variety of this in my August Empties, and this one was brought out when my friend Candice stayed the night. A cherry blossom fiend she is, we both agreed that this was nice but not really strong in scent. Foams up pretty well though and was nice to use, so will probably repurchase again come the xmas time sales with Avon.
Priceline Cotton Rounds
Those who wear makeup every day (moi) go through these by the boatload. At the moment I'm using a different brand as I found them on sale, but I definitely prefer the Priceline brand ones.
Derma Intensive 2in1 Facial Wipes
These were also $1 in my local supermarket, and I mainly used them for wiping off residue or swatches on my arm. Quite thin and I much prefer my Priceline brand wipes for all over the face. Would still buy these again though, they weren't bad.

Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey 1ml sample
I really enjoyed this during September, I adore little sample vials because they give me a chance to test something out before buying a whole bottle and hating it. I mentioned this in yesterdays post as one of the scents I adored during the month. I would consider buying a full size of this, but have a list of ones I'd like before it.
Scarlett by Cacharel 1.5ml sample
This was nice, but nothing that stood out or wowed me. It was given to me by the girls in Perfume Connection when I bought an aftershave for Chris, which was a nice gesture. Wouldn't buy a full size of it, it was nothing special to me.
Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo
I suffer from dandruff, and it really is the bane of my existence. I tried this out and was initially impressed, but after I tried a few other brands and came back to this, I was disappointed. After using it my hair feels squeaky in a negative way, and it did almost nothing for the dreaded flakies. Am still on the search for a good shampoo for my poor head, if anyone can recommend something I would be utterly grateful.

How much did you manage to get through in September?
emmabovary x

(I purchased all of these items with my own money, with the exception of the shower gel which was a gift from my Dad and the perfume samples which were free with purchase/gift bags. Always honest!)


  1. So many empties! I really should start doing these posts (and I've always meant to, but I fail at life XD) because I feel like I never finish anything up!

  2. Jerry- I was aiming for more, all I can seem to finish is shower goodies>< But it feels so good to finish up things in my collection, you should start putting empties aside during the month like I do:)

  3. Funny I bought both the vanilla shower gel as well as those make uo wipes for $1 too. Bargain hunters we are!

  4. @Bini I admire your bargain hunting skills! They are pretty good products for $1 would you agree?


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