Friday, December 23, 2011

"We'll always have Paris."

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Melbourne Beauty Bloggers Event, held by the amazing Val of Ponikuta. It was held at the gorgeous Miss Fox in Melbourne and part of the even involved a manicure from the staff at the salon. I was the very last to get my nails done (you can call me Miss Emma Chatty Pants) and I was spoilt for choice with a box full of Zoya polishes. I chose a deep red burgundy cream by the name of Paris- so very fitting, given my obsession with the place.

Don't mind the horrible cuticles and nubbins of nails,  how stunning is this colour!

The colour is deep and mysterious, and for me this is a terrific staple colour in my nail colour wardrobe.

Paris is a red creme that leans burgundy and has a jelly-like finish that I adore. I think a glittery accent nail would look amazing with this as well, just to give it a little pizazz. It is the first Zoya polish I have ever tried and I must say that though the professional application had something to do with it, I really liked the formula. I will be gunning to add 'Paris' to my collection, as I am a sucker for deep wine type shades.

What are you staple nail polish colour?
What have you tried from the Zoya range?


  1. It's gorgeous! I have way too many nail polishes to have a staple, although I do love my purples. I've got a few Zoyas and I love them. The quality of them amazing: awesome to apply and my mani lasts for ages.

  2. Such a lovely shade :)
    I have a shade that is quite like that one, but its a tad bit darker :) I love it a lot :)

  3. @olgiepolgie for someone who isn't mad for polishes, I have a bit of a collection as well. I always go back to my wine shades though, love them. I might invest in a Zoya, thanks for your comment:)

    @shortylegsbeauty I adore shades like these, aren't they gorgeous! x

  4. What a great vampy colour - BTW I hope you had a great Christmas and didn't get hailed out like me!

  5. Thanks Vita, I adore wine shades especially at this time of year:) We did cop the horrible weather, leaking roofs and the like. Christmas cheer wasn't dampened though:)

  6. mmmm love this colour. sexyyyyy ;p


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