Sunday, January 1, 2012

a wonderful christmas

I had a lovely Christmas, despite working late on the eve of and starting at 7am on Boxing Day. I woke early on Christmas day (blame it on the giddiness that survives from my childhood) and spent the morning with my parents and Chris, cooking up lunch and opening gifts. I was more than spoilt with gifts, and I adore every single thing I received. Chris' family celebrates Christmas at lunch as do my family, so we were darting in and out the whole day. Luckily all of our family live only a few streets apart!

The darling mini Christmas tree at Chris' brothers house, where we had lunch. The food at lunch stop number one was incredible, with stuffed tomatoes and okra's in a gorgeous tomato based sauce that Chris' Mum always makes for me. They had a whole lamb on a spit (icky but they were excited) and a lasagne that looked wonderful but as I don't eat red meat I didn't give it a go.

Santa in edible picture form! The desserts were awesome there,too. Chris' sister in law made the most amazing, fresh from the oven lemon meringue pie that had me drooling as soon as I clapped eyes on it. Could go another slice right now, actually... Chris' brother made a cake with sponge and cream that was simple and lovely, and the table was heavy with lots of other sweet offerings as well. Needless to say, moving on to lunch # 2 was a matter of rolling me across to my house...

My niece made me the most gorgeous little cracker, and inside was a little ring she made for me out of red beads and an initial E. She's such a creative little girl, she made my other niece a skirt that matched one of hers so they can be cute twins together :)She's been taking sewing lessons for a while now and has made some beautiful clothes there.

Santa was a sweetheart and bought me the Aussie Monopoly (Chris and I are building a game collection for when we move in together) and a Kindle with 3g and Wifi. My handbag was forever heavy with books, and now I can carry them all with me on this lightweight thing! I also got a ladybug pillow pet, ala Miss Glamorazzi, to go with my panda pillow pet. Still a child at heart! Chris bought me the Nars Danmari palette and they also popped some perfume samples in there.

 Chris ordered me some Revlon Lip Butters from ebay (creme brulee was in my bag at the time of this photo) and nabbed me some L'Oreal Infallible shadows from the L'Or collection- these will be up on the blog soon, they're stunning. Michael Kors Very Hollywood was from my sister :) The shoes were from Santa, and the coasters with French images on them were from Chris' soon to be sister in law as part of my KK.

A French book safe and clock from KK, as well as some chocolate filled gold coins from my stocking! The striped blue square in the background is my new laptop case- Chris bought me a new laptop! I am so in love with it, and happy I can get back to reading all of your blogs.

Work KK was lovely this year, after we stayed late at work setting up we shared drinks and fingerfood and exchanged gifts. I got a gorgeous champagne pashmina and metal and fabric headband from Witchery from one of the new girls. How sweet is the card!

My sister bought me a funky oil burner, a silk dressing gown from Cotton On and these scrabble tile type canvas in my initial, and in Chris'. So cute! The purple scarf was in my stocking, it's so gorgeous I'm sure you'll see a glimpse of it in a FOTD soon.

A present that really warmed my heart was from the incredible Sabine from Echolife, which appeared on my doorstep just after Christmas and surprised me completely! This trio of Weleda products along with a Burts Bees balm was the nicest gesture, and a lovely Christmas surprise. Sabine supported me so much after my kitten Marie passed, and I will forever be grateful to her for that. To have someone who you have never met in person treat you like a friend is one of the best things to come from this blog. My goal for 2011 was to hit 20,000 hits on emmabovarybeauty, and I am so happy to say that I made it all the way to 21,000! This first year of the blog has been amazing, and I enjoy every minute I spend in my little online world.

I adore each and every one of my readers, and hope that your Christmas was wonderful and your New Years celebration was lots of fun. I'll be posting my 'best 11 of 2011' soon, so look out for it. Until then- enjoy this first day of 2012!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas my dear!
    Glad to have been able to read your posts and get a little bit of my Emmsy when I can't physically see you as often as we've been used to.
    Congrats on the 21,000 hits gorgeous!!!
    Here's to making 2012 another standout year!!

  2. Omg you got such amazing goodies, jealous of the Revlon Lip Butters & L'Oreal Infallible shadows! I have the Danmari palette and the Kindle and I love them, hope you do too! <3

  3. Santa was very good to you indeed! I love the peek into your Christmas loot :) And *thank you* for the really kind mention, it melted my heart! I loved playing Secret Santa :)
    Sabine xx

  4. @Candi I sure did have a lovely Christmas:) Maybe you should post more so I can have snippets of you all the time too;P mind you, we do text every day! I can't wait to see you tomorrow :D:D hoping to ace 2012 hardcore!

    @Jerry I was spoilt rotten this year! Chris is so good on the cosmetics front, he either lets me go wild when we're out or listens to my hints;P Obsessed with my Kindle already,wahooo

    @Sabine thank you for the gorgeous gift! no jokes, you've been an amazing leaning post this year. I'm glad you liked the post, I was worried people would think it was bragging. xx


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