Wednesday, March 14, 2012

L'occitane Lavande de Haute Provence- Eau de Cologne

Serenity, relaxation and great sleep are all associated with the scent of lavender. A naturally anxious person, I appreciate the calming qualities of lavender products and so love to surround myself with them.
I was sent the new L'Occitane Eau de Cologne which has come out with their 'Lavande de Haute Provence' Lavender range. The range is quite extensive with items such as candles, hand creams lotions and shower gels among other items. I have my eye on the candle and hand cream next, though a few of the L'Occitane collections are calling to me at the moment...

This Lavande Eau de Cologne comes in a gigantic 300ml glass bottle, which sits prettily on the table next to my bed. The scent is quite light and L'Occitane recommends using it liberally, which is why I am happy to spray myself over and over as I sit in bed reading before bed each night. I've begun to look forward to my little moment of serenity, soaking in novels and relaxing to the citrusy tinted lavender that surrounds me. Here is how the scent is officially described:

Brightened by the radiant freshness of citrus fruits, the Lavender Eau de Cologne has a light, breezy scent, underlined by a woody, musky base with a captivating trail.
I would agree with that description, as I find this scent far from the cloying and grandma-esque notion many people have about lavender.

This is fresh, but to be honest the lack of staying power does upset me as I wish I could smell like this all day through. I am contemplating decanting some of this into my Travalo atomiser (review here) to drown myself in while at uni and work, but I know I'll have to refill each night and I'm such a lazy Larry about it. For now I am happy to have this of a night time and have another product from the range in my handbag for during the day.

Overall I think this is a brilliant cologne, and one that I might not have paid attention to instore so I am very grateful for the wise minds at L'Occitane for placing the bottle into my hands.

L'Occitane's Lavande Eau de Cologne retails for $70 AUD for 300mls. Search for stockists here, and find the rest of the Lavande range here.

*This item was provided for consideration for review which in no way affects my opinion. Honesty, always.


  1. Oh this looks lovely. I would like something similar to get me to relax when going to bed as I often am stressed and have a million things going through my mind as I try to sleep. Can you spray it on your pillow or is it more a perfume??

    1. To be honest I've been using it as both a perfume and a pillow spray, so I think it works well in both cases. I find it has been helping me sleep, or at least the thought of it is.

  2. I actually really love lavender scents, even the medicinal ones. This one sounds lovely!

    1. I've really been enjoying a range of lavender scents lately, I'm glad you appreciate them as well :) This one is a winner in my book


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