Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics

As soon as I found out that a indie cosmetics company Femme Fatale Cosmetics was based in Australia, I knew that would be a hit with the beauty blogging community. The colour range is quite good for a new company, and all of these shades have impressed me immensely.
As I've mentioned before on this blog, I value the importance of supporting small businesses, and having a high quality indie cosmetics company on my doorstep (Brisbane, actually!) is an easy way for me to help out a Australian business woman. I love the imagery associate with the company, it is fiesty but still pretty and I think it suits the colours of the cosmetics well.
Poison is without a doubt my favourite shadow from this bunch, and from my whole indie cosmetics collection if I am to be truthful. The shimmer isn't overpowering and the colour is the most beautiful chartreuse shade that I am head over heels for. I've seen this shade in the sale section of the FFC site, but I hope that doesn't mean that the shade is discontinued! If you want to see Poison in action, check out my Nicki Minaj inspired FOTD here.
All of the shades that I swatched were intensely pigmented and very easy to work with. The shimmery shades were finely milled and very pretty.
Poison, Wrath Baby
Poison, Wrath Baby, Ignite
Ignite, Crusader, Wisp
Crusader, Wisp, Mysticism
I've gotten quite a lot of use from these, and find that they are really easy to blend, which is what I need in my bright shadows. Crusader was the most sheer, and Wisp is great layered over darker blue shades to add some dimension. Apart from Poison, my stand out shades are Wrath Baby and Mysticism, I have nothing like them in my collection so it was nice to try something new! I have a FOTD up tomorrow using some of these FFC shades, so be sure to look out for that. There will be a lot more FFC on this blog from here on out, I know that for sure.

Which shade are you loving most?
Do you support indie companies?

*These shadows were a review pack sent to me, but I have bought from FFC before and loved them from the start. Honesty, always.


  1. ahhh what beautiful beautiful colours, so loud. That's what you want! Plus they're vegan? What a great brand. Thanks for the intro hun.

    Couture Caddy

  2. Im impressed by the color range..every color shares an emotion!!

  3. Wow they're so bright that's awesome. I probably wouldn't wear any of the bright colours but I've just a browse on the website and they have the most amazing browns omg. I will definitely have to check them out and order a few especially because they're Australian. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Wow they look amazing :O I would gladly wear them all... Mysticism looks amazing.. after seeing these swatched Mysticism is the one that caught my eye the most :)
    I love Indie companies.. sadly we do not have that many Indie companies here (I do not even know if we have any).. if I knew of any I would support them for sure :)

  5. I'm a huge FFC fan! I think I have a sample of almost every eyeshadow Sophie's ever created. Gotta support the locals!

  6. I love FFC! You would have seen me use a lot of their eyeshadows on my blog. I think Sophie's done an amazing job with FFC. Gotta support the locals.

  7. wow, I love the colours your picked! Gorgeous! Will have to grab a few of these!!
    Ooh I love Wisp the most I think.


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