Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hot Diggity // Hello Darling!

Mustard is definitely one of my favourite colours to wear, from clothing to makeup looks. I often wear MAC's Outre eyeshadow and was dreaming of a similar shade to wear on my nails when Darling's Hot Diggity came into my world.
A glossy deep mustard shade with a brown tinge, this is right up my alley in terms of nail shades. I know that some may find this shade off putting (many think Outre isn't that nice either) but I know a lot of you out there are lovers of this autumn-perfect shade just like I am!
 Hot Diggity's formula is really easy to work with and was opaque in two coats- it was quite glossy, but I did pop a top coat over this before taking these photographs. I think the Darling polish range is really different to others around, and I love that they have regular spotlight sales running on their facebook page. Their regular polishes retail for $16.95 AUD and can be purchased here, with free shipping Australia wide.
From the Darling site:
All Darling nail lacquers are 5-free (meaning absolutely NO toulene, formaldehyde/formaldehyde resin, DBP or camphor) and are animal testing & cruelty free. Beauty doesn’t have to come at a price to your health or other living beings.
*This polish was provided for consideration, which does not impact on my instant love for the shade and formula. Honesty, always.


  1. Mustard is not one of my fave colours (or yellows in general) but I actually really like the look of that!

  2. Oh this is such a great shade!! I agree that this wouldn't be for everyone but these unusual shades are so interesting =)

  3. Ooooeee!! I don't have a mustard polish. Must get me one of those! :)

  4. I was just wearing a mustard coat today! :) I was obsessed with mustard for a while a couple of years back. I don't think I have a mustard nail polish but now I'm interested to track one down!

  5. such a unique color I love it :) Thanks for sharing !

  6. I love the look of this :) Makes me miss one of my favorite polishes :/ It was called Mustard by H&M. I loved it so much but unfortunately I dropped it and the bottle broke and everything ended up on the floor :/
    It was the most amazing polish both formula wise and color wise :/ Haven´t been able to find anything like it yet :/

  7. That mustardy colour is lovely - for some reason I've stayed away from yellows and ochres (I'm worried it would make my skin look pumpkin-ey), but I think I should give it a go! xx


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