Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beauty Experience : Facial @ Biotherm

I’d often wandered past Biotherm and been intrigued by their sleek products and bright, cheerful looking counters. I didn’t realise that they offered facials behind the scenes at their Bourke Street Myer location, so when I was given the chance to trial one I was all on board. I am not one to go for regular facials (or any kind of pamper treatment for that matter) but with the wedding coming up, I thought it a good excuse to get in early and invest in my skin with plenty of time to fix its problems. I was led to a room away from the hustle and bustle of shoppers, and asked to strip off and don the ultra-glam terry towelling cover-up in preparation for the 45 minute pamper fest.
Some samples for my man to try-how sweet!
The facial is catered to your personal skin concerns, and at the time of my visit my skin was quite dehydrated, so Vanessa really concentrated on hydrating my face to keep it happy and glowing. The Biotherm company is inspired by aquatic extracts, as noted in this quote from their website:

“Through our expertise in biotechnology, we infuse efficient aquatic extracts in fresh and pleasurable textures to make your skin look healthier and more radiant.

From the depths of living waters,

To the depth of the skin.”
...and some samples for me!

The facial was very relaxing, and Vanessa gave me a beautiful hand and arm massage complete with hand cream as we waited for my facial mask to work its magic. She was also kind enough to let me know what she was applying as she went, so that at all times I knew what was happening to my skin. I think regular facials like these are great for keeping skin in a happy state, and because they are $65 redeemable for 3 products, you can stock up on your Biotherm essentials, making the facial practically free! If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, call (03) 9661 1246 and they can tell you the available dates and book you in. Go on, treat yourself!
Now tell me honestly- when was the last time you had a facial, or do you prefer to D.I.Y?
*The facial was complimentary, with thanks to L'Oreal.


  1. I've never had a facial before! I'd love to try one though, and I've used Biotherm products in the past, so this may be a good place to start.

    1. @olgiepolgie It was so nice to be pampered without having to think about it. I found having to get undressed actually did make me relax more than if I had stayed in my jeans and tee, which I didn't expect. I'd love to hear how you go if you book one in!

  2. 65 is a pretty good darn price for a facial. Especially when it's redeemable on products. I think Myer is great for these facials, I've never had a bad one and I've tried a few brands. Good way to try the products!

    1. @Peta I think it will end up being a little more than $65 depending on the price of the 3 products you choose, but it is a wonderful way to try new things and get a practically free facial :) I think next time I go I will buy some new skincare for Chris to use, but have the facial myself ;p


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