Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Le List - The Tuesday Poll

Sometimes a poll is a nice way to break from routine, and I felt like chatting about makeup using Le List from Makeup and Beauty Blog. Feel free to tag yourself and post your responses in the comments or on your blog, I'd love to read them all!
a pretty blush photo, Sunday Riley 'Blushing'
unrelated to le list, but I wanted to share it with you anyway

1. Do you have a diary?
I have thousands of those little secret keepers! Sadly, the secrets within are nothing to rave about, but Mister Bovary is still itching to crack one open and have a read.
*writes fake diary entry*
Dear Diary. I wish Mister would bust out the Lush Magic Wiccy massage bar more often, I have some knots in my shoulders that need work...
Do you think it would work?!

2. Best makeup lighting in your house?
In my new place? Definitely in the lounge during the afternoon, but I am yet to test out my beauty room so I am not sure how the light in there is during the day. Can't wait to have my Ikea Alex and some polish racks in there, with a little sitting area for reading a book with a cuppa.

3. Which do you wear more often, lipstick or gloss?
Lately, it has definitely been gloss. Barry M Toffee has been getting quite the workout, the sweet scent and wearable nude colour is just hitting it out of the park for me at the moment. I've also got my eye on some of the new nude Kardashian Beauty lip glosses - nude lips for summer, that is something different!

4. With whom do you talk the most about makeup offline?
Beauty blogger events are always a great chance to blab about beauty with likeminded ladies, but I also love chatting to the chicks at Kit Cosmetics (always so lovely, and honest too!) My dear friend Carly is beauty mad as well, so we often lose half our study sessions to musing about beauty YouTube channels and what new eyeshadow palettes we are gunning for. Nothing better than chatting about beauty!

5. Does the color of a room affect your mood?
The bedroom at our new place is all warm tones, rich chocolate with taupe and latte tones mixed in for good measure. It makes me feel cozy and stylish, despite not having our new bedroom suite in there just yet. I suppose having a say in the colour does affect my mood, I know I want some bright pops of colour in my beauty room so that will be a mood lifter for sure!

6. Do you have any plants around you at work?
When I'm working from home I'm not really surrounded by nature - I do break for an hour during the day to walk alongside our local lake, so I suppose that counts as plants (and ducks, swamp hens and swans!) I like being able to indulge in nature, but it can get messy so we have a ultra low maintenance outdoor area and use the surrounding parks instead!

7. Are there any shadows you love except for the fallout?
There are a few Too Faced shades that drive me mental with fallout, but because I apply my eye makeup before the face it doesn't really bother me all that much. MAC Retrospeck is a bit chunky and can sometimes have fallout, but it remains one of my favourite eye shadows regardless!

8. How do you feel about nude nail polish?
I think it can look really lovely if the tone is right, I have some great essence nude polishes that I quite like. They can be a bit bland sometimes, but generally they give a nice polished, lady-like look to your hands.

9. If you could be invisible for 2 hours, what would you do?
If I said I would sneak into the drawers at Chanel to see if they have the new holiday collection hidden in there, would you think less of me? I want to swatch it so badly! That being said, does anyone have a launch date for Australia? Accent blush be mine!

10. What’s your current favorite face product?
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, my skin has had it's monthly tantrum and I'm nursing it back to health with this miracle tube. In terms of pretty face products? Tarte Exposed still has it goin' on- I'm boring and predictable, I know!

a blush photo featuring Tarte Exposed, as always

Now it's your turn! Tell me what your current favourite face product is in the comments, I would absolutely love to know!

Emma @ emmabovarybeauty x


  1. Great post. I love reading lists/tag posts :-) The Kit cosmetic girls are really friendly. I went in to grab my Kardashian beauty lippies and the ladies were so friendly (un-like the majority of Myer sales assistants). I definitely don't judge you about wanting a sneaky peak into Chanel's drawers, to be perfectly honest with you if I was invisible for 2 hours I'd be off spying on people lol...

  2. My current favourite face product is Clarins Beauty Balm. Perfect primer. Also, I love my Sunday Riley Blushing blush, so smooth.

  3. I would totally do something illegal if I had 2 hours worth of invisibility :p Haha. That Sunday Riley blush looks gorgeous! I have kept a diary since I was 8 or something, though I don't write in it as much as I did when I was younger. Still, my diaries are some of my most treasured possessions.

  4. Hello La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Duo! I have JUST discovered this as the girls at La Roche-Posay highly recommended this to treat or rather prevent any hormonal breakouts that I seem to have started having when I got to my mid 30's! I just started using that and fingers crossed I hope they work. I also am loving their moisturiser...especially the bottle - so technically different!


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