Monday, December 16, 2013

Sample Selection #1

I've decided to begin a new series in order to dip into my sample stash and throw some mini reviews up onto the blog. First up is a selection of adorable little sample pots that Mumma Bovary nabbed for me at The Body Shop. Our local shops had a scratch and win, and Mumma B came up trumps with a rare win - usually all we see is 'better luck next time'! The lure of the free samples dragged her in even though the scent of shops like that is normally far too much for her sensitive head. She walked out with Honeymania Body Butter, Coconut Scrub and Honeymania Shower Gel sample, which she promptly brought round to mine and gifted me!
I've been wanting to try the Honeymania scent since it launched, and it is so much more than a simple honey scent lemme tell you. It is floral and strong, and I'd say it is more honey blossom than a sweet nectar sort of scent.
The shower gels from TBS are always lovely (I rely on the travel sizes anytime I go away) but the Coconut Scrub was a little bit new for me as I'd previously only tried the sugar-based scrubs. This one was creamy with little bits of grit in it and left my skin really soft and smooth, but I've smelt better scents from TBS so I'd probably choose another scrub when the time comes.
The winner of this trio was definitely the Honeymania Body Butter - the butters are quite heavy on the skin (and also very moisturising, so there's that...) but the scent was perfect and it fixed my dry elbows in a flash - very classy I am!
So what scents do you recommend I sniff when I head back in for my complimentary express makeover? Do you have any Body Shop loves that you just can't get enough of?
Emma @ emmabovarybeauty


  1. I love the Honeymania range but I would say I love the ginger sparkle products more - smells like a classy ginger ale cocktail. Too bad they don't have a perfume in the range - I would get it in a heart beat. I just have to rely on the body butter n shower gel

    1. I still have some of my Ginger Sparkle from last years release, such a lovely peppy scent! I like the idea of it smelling like a classy cocktail ;P

  2. I'm so glad you did this review! I've been wanting to try their honeymania line. Sounds good. I just reviewed their Christmas scent (GINGERman). It was nice. I'm just getting back into The Body Shop's products. I love their body butters this time of year.

    1. Thank you Kim! It is such a delectable floral scent, and I'm a fan of the ginger from the body shop also, very nice for the festive season I think :)


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