Sunday, March 23, 2014

Clinique All About Shadow Neutral Territory 2 Palette

If I weren't so afraid of being judged I would let you peek inside my palette drawers...yes, I have multiple. For now you will have to take me at my word when I say that I have a mean palette problem, and the neutral variety are my biggest weakness. I was chatting with my darling friend Carly and her spunky cousin Gemma on a shopping trip the other day when the topic of beauty obsessions came up. Carly vouched for my certified #blushfiend status, but I don't think she realises how deep my love for palettes goes...
Meet the newest love of my (palette) life.
I am always easily swayed into purchases by Jessica from Don't Call Me Jesse and she was the one who began my obsession with this palette, and I stopped by my local Clinique counter to ask when the Australian release date was. Don't you just hate it when they have no idea what product you are talking about?! I went to another lady two weeks later and got a vague answer, and it was only on my third visit that I found out the release date and had my name popped on the list for the beautiful All About Shadow Neutral Territory 2 Palette (as an aside, where is number 1...?)
Clinique has compiled their best neutral eye-shadows from previous duos/quads to create this 8 strong selection, with the much lauded Black Honey being the undoubtable star of the show. I'm sort of impressed that Clinique stand by their shades enough to relaunch them in new ways, but the 'light shade of the diamonds and pearls duo' isn't exactly the easiest shade name to note down now is it?
I quite like the reflective mirror casing that this palette is housed in, and took full advantage of the lovely weather on my photo-taking day to show you how beautiful the sky looked. It's also a nice sleek compact that really would be great for travelling with!

I think the gradient effect is really pretty while also highlighting how wearable this palette is (for light work-appropriate looks if that is what you're into, or smokier looks for nights and weekends)

I use the first shade (Sugar Cane) as my inner corner highlight and it is the bomb - pigmented and sparkly without looking chunky on the eye. I was expecting to hate this because of the shimmer but it has ended up one of my very favourites from the palette. I use the three other colours as blend out shades or all over the lid for a low-key look - so unlike me, but this palette has really made me understand how nice understated eyes can be.
The darker end of the palette is definitely my favourite though - Black Honey is just a superstar, and I love wearing the Brown Shade from the Polar Blue Quad or Hazy all over my lid on an almost daily basis with a bit of Black Honey thrown in the crease.

The beauty of these shadows isn't in the complexity or originality, but in the quality of the pans themselves. It takes a lot to wow me in the eyeshadow department, but these meld onto the lid with ease and last all day (with primer) and create effortless and beautiful looks. Pretty much impossible to stuff this one up!
Brown Shade of Polar Blue Quad all over the lid, Black Honey through the crease and Sugar Cane for my inner corner. A slick of black liner, lots of mascara and a quick blend is all it took for this look (and if I do say so myself, it looks better in person)

Absolutely in love with this palette and think that it's well worth the $65 AUD price tag (plus I got the great GWP, which always helps)
What do you think of the Clinique makeup line?
Do you prefer neutral palettes or choosing single shadows for your everyday looks?
Emma @ emmabovarybeauty
*Purchased with my own hard-earned, raves are all honest ;)


  1. Oh, this is a lovely palette! Like you, I'm drawn to mostly neutral colors :) At first glance, I thought it was just like any other neutral palette but the swatches say otherwise. Great post! :)

  2. I really want this palette! I swatched it in store and was totally wowed! Your lashes look freaking awesome by the way! :)

  3. I love Clinique!! And these look so pigmented, I will probably pick this up :) Your eye look is gorgeous!

  4. You look so pretty Emma! I recently bought a Clinique single pan eyeshadow and I LOVE it. I totally agree with you in how they just meld with your skin. Really great quality for sure! I plan on getting more for sure!

  5. I'm really thinking of picking up Black Honey as a single! Beautiful palette

  6. You look beautiful, Emma! Love that look - what blush are you wearing? And ack, you've reignited my desire for this palette. I've vacillated since it came out Yes, no, yes no!

  7. Oh the palette is smaller than I imagined it to be. Very nice wearable shades! Your lashes look great in the photos above!!
    xxx Kat @ Katness


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