Monday, March 24, 2014

Salon Melbourne 2014 - experience, make-up + haul

I begrudgingly rolled out of bed this cold Melbourne morning to head into the city for Salon Melbourne, exciting but craving less chill in the air. Having gone previous years I knew what to expect, and needless to say I was pumped for a day of new knowledge with Carly by my side.

 I wanted to put more effort into my makeup for this special event, but reality got in the way (in the form of extra snuggles with Charlie and swiping on a bright lip at the last moment...check this post for details on that) so I ended up rocking the Clinique Neutral Territory 2 palette and my beloved Tarte Exposed blush along with my bright coral lip.

Carly buying her hair extensions!

I was quite impressed with the Redken stand this year - a popcorn machine (evidence of me chowing down is above) and a claw game style machine full of colourful Redken samples that I wasn't talented enough to win. Another interesting exhibitor was Klara Cosmetics, which were promoting their Kiss Proof Lips and beautiful looking line of lip products.

Having one of the Klara Kiss Proof Lips applied (matte formula)

the beloved French skincare - I love my Bioderma, Nuxe + Uriage <3

the madness that was the Lime Crime stand

one of the best parts of experiences like this - the amazing and inspiring body art (from Melbourne Polytechnic)
Watching Lorna Evans style some up-do's on stage was definitely one of the highlights of Salon for me - something Lorna said about inspiration really stuck in my mind as I perused during the day. She was 'knitting' a wild and very beautiful hairstyle on a model and mentioned to the crowd that a look like this wasn't for her clients - they were not going to walk in and request this for a night out. This sort of look was for her, to keep her inspired and in turn inspire her clients (and in my opinion, it would also highlight her natural talent for hair at the same time) I realised that I think about makeup in beauty in much the same way, and when I create crazy bright eye looks or an icily sculptured look based on a YouTuber, it is to keep my creative flow pumping and gives me a chance to enjoy the sheer beauty of makeup products.

Food for thought, right?
Lorna Evans inspiring the crap outta me

the effervescent Michael Brown teaching me that it isn't only shimmers and brights that can create beauty - matte taupes and browns can be so stunning!

totally losing out at the Redken sample machine

Klara Cosmetics rocking it on the Launchpad Stage with Klara herself

was so tempted to get a Tangle Teezer - so cute and bright!

exploring the Eye of Horus makeup brand for the very first time

one of my very favourite skincare brands had some strong messages for Salon attendees

Klara Cosmetics, again!
I walked into Salon Melbourne knowing that I wanted to pick up some nail supplies since I have begun doing my own gel nails at home with my Sensationail by Nailene machine. I nabbed Carly's loot so that you could have a peek at two hauls in a single post - don't say I don't love ya, okay?
Carly's haul:
Crown Brushes buffing brush
Artiste Lint-Free Nail Wipes
Lime Crime Geranium lipstick
Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips 06 (free sample)
Colour Club Winter Affair
Girlee Cosmetics 4pan Palette (shades below)
Hair Extensions + care products from Amazing Hair
in love with the Lime Crime bag

Girlee Cosmetics in Mulberry Satin e/s, Pink Glow Illuminator, Dubonnet blush and another e/s I've forgotten the name of

I am pleased as punch with what I brought home from Salon Melbourne - all things I've been lusting over for a while with some random fun things thrown in for good measure.
My haul:
Crown Brushes shader brush and shadow brush
Gelish Fantastic Four Essentials Pack
Gelish Polish in A Mint of Spring
Colour Club Winter Affair
Colour Club Harp on It
Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips (free sample)
Artiste Lint-Free Nail Wipes
Girlee Cosmetics 4pan Palette (shades below)

A Mint of Spring

Absolutely swooning over these two

Girlee Cosmetics Mulberry Satin e/s, Grenadine blush, Golden Glow illuminator and eyeshadow I can't find the name of- I promise that Carly and I didn't mean to grab so many identical items, it just happened!

Klara Cosmetics and my Girlee palette swatched (I blame the Grenadine blush purchase on Liz!
I had a wonderful time at Salon Melbourne once again this year. The event provides a great opportunity to socialise with likeminded beauty lovers and industry professionals while also being really inspiring for me as a beauty writer. I'd love to know if you've been to events like this, and what you think of my haul products!
This is how I felt after walking around Salon Melbourne all day - exhausted!
Emma @ emmabovarybeauty
*I was invited to Salon Melbourne as a guest of PR, but all opinions are honest as always.


  1. Looks like you had heaps of fun! I went on the Sunday and it was amazing! xx

  2. Congrats on getting to go to such an awesome event first of all, totally indicative of all your hard work. Second, you look stunning and I am so jealous of your haul!! BUT, I added a few things I want to my list from this post so thanks :)

    1. I love going to Salon every year, such a great experience to cover :)

  3. Gave Salon Melbourne a miss this year as well...I had assignments due for Monday's presentation and I had back to back classes on Monday. Looks like you had a pretty decent haul there Emma!

    1. Ah uni student life, so glad it's behind me ;) LMAO!

  4. Looks like you two had a productive day! I went on Sunday and stocked up on the Orly polish :)

    1. What Orly did you grab?! Looked so good but I was all about the gel stuff

  5. Emma!! I haven't seen you in so long. Wish I bumped into you at Salon Melbourne! I went at 10am on Sunday and it was already super crowded. You did well with the haul!

    1. I know, we haven't been to events together in so long :(

  6. Is this kind of like the IMATS that go on in North America? Glad you got to experience such an awesome opportunity! The swatches of all the shades at the end looks so nice, too. :)

    1. Yeah it is like IMATS but skewed towards salon owners, nail techs etc. Very informative and less consumer info (but still lots of things to buy, haha)

  7. I had such a great time, I love Salon!


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